Pedipaws is a new product designed to help you keep your pet’s nails perfectly groomed. Much like an emory board is used to file and shape human fingernails, PediPaws is intended to file away overgrown nails on your dog or cat without splintering, cracking or other discomforts.

Each PediPaws unit comes with a battery powered, hand-held device with an attached filing band and three additional filing bands. You will need to purchase two C size batteries to run the unit. Once installed, the PediPaws unit runs quietly; a big plus for those with nervous pets.

Unless your pet is used to a powered file at the groomer, she is likely to be afraid of this strange new thing. The instruction guide recommends using treats while you get the device close to your pet and gradually get her used to it, one nail at a time over a period of a few days. With lots of treats and praise your pet should eventually see grooming time as a pleasurable activity. Also recommended is the instructional video to assure that you file safely, without hurting your beloved pet.

The one downside to PediPaws it that the protective cap, designed to collect nail shavings, only has one sized opening for your pet’s nails. This is fine for smaller dogs and cats, but if you have a large breed dog you will find that this size isn’t quite right to comfortably do his nails. You might think the solution is to remove the safety cap, but this is NOT a good idea. Not only can you potentially injure yourself or your pet, but you will also find yourself covered with nail filings.

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