Product Review: PetZoom Self Cleaning Brush


The PetZoom Self Cleaning Brush is a brilliant product that makes grooming simple and enjoyable for you and your pet. Finally, a brush that is easy to clean!

Ideal for cats and dogs with any type of coat, the PetZoom brush has wire bristles with rubber tips called “comfort tips”. Anyone who has used a wire brush knows that they can cause discomfort if not used carefully. What a relief to know that you won’t be hurting your pet when you get out the brush.

Another perk is the removable trimmer that fits into a slot above the bristles. This is a perfect tool for removing matted fur without the risk of cutting your fur-baby. Just comb it through the problem spot and the clump of hair is cut free with no discomfort or struggling. The trimmer is two-sided to adapt to any length coat.

But, the best for last! This brush is so easy to clean! Simply push the button on the back of the brush and the hair is pushed out, clean and quick, right into your trash can. No hair flying everywhere. No fighting with a comb to pull out all the hair stuck in the brush. This is a brush that actually makes if fun to brush your dog or cat. You may find yourself fighting with the kids for the privilege of grooming.

The PetZoom Self Cleaning Brush comes with two brushes; a large brush for dogs and a small brush for small dogs and cats, or to use on smaller areas like ears and face. You’ll also get the trimmer attachment. One small purchase and you have everything you need to keep all of your pets pampered and pretty.


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