Doggy Bad Behavior or Hyperkinesis?


While most dogs are boisterous and friendly, we all know that there are some who have less than perfect manners!

Let's face it: some dogs are overly aggressive and outright dangerous to be around. Many people would consider having these dogs put down without realizing exactly what it is that is causing this sort of behavior. Sometimes the owners of such dogs take them to training classes but find that this simply does not work. So what could be the cause of such terrifying behavior? It could be Hyperkinesis.

What exactly is Hyperkinesis?

Dogs with Hyperkinesis have a behavioral condition that is usually classified as hyperactive behavior that can be treated with stimulants. It is certainly not the dog's fault that it has this condition, but many owners simply do not understand Hyperkinesis and they often think that the dog should be put down rather than treated. 

Usually the symptoms of the condition appear when the dog is stressed. This could be through isolation or close confinement and can cause elevated heart rate and increased salivation. It is often hard to know whether Hyperkinesis is the reason for behavioral problems due to the fact that the cause is not known. Owners can only usually diagnose the condition if the dog is normally ok under usual circumstances. Another thing to consider is that not all dogs with the condition behave the same way; some may have worse symptoms than others.

The dog will generally be extremely hyper and they will not sit still no matter how many times you tell it to. The dog will show no understanding of what you are asking it to do and cannot do as it is told because of its erratic attention span.  Other symptoms include attacking other dogs or people. This can lead to owners punishing the dog if they do not know that the dog is actually suffering from a condition and is not just misbehaving .

Studies have been done to see if dogs diagnosed with Hyperkinesis can be treated.  It has generally been found that the condition is much the same as with children diagnosed with hyperactivity. So if you have a badly behaved dog that can be unpredictable, excitable and outright aggressive, don't hesitate to take your pet to the vet  and ask about the possibility of Hyperkinesis.

By Kelly Marshall of Oh My Dog Supplies- the place to find dog beds online



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