Paper Training a Dog

Paper Training a Dog

If crate training is not an option for you, an exercise pen or small dog-proofed room, ideally with an open crate placed inside, is a must. (Remember, the dog thinks of the crate as a den, not a cage!) The exercise pen or puppy room is used to safely confine a puppy during unsupervised periods. You can place a blanket and chew toys in the pen or room.

An exercise pen or dog room is very useful if you are leaving your puppy for more than 2 to 3 hours at a time, because you can set up a potty area within the pen or room. (The room MUST have linoleum flooring, not carpet or hardwood.) Place blankets, a water bowl, and toys at one end of the pen or room and put down newspapers at the opposite end. Some pet supply stores also sell special "Wee Weee" pads that you can use instead of newsprint. (The ink from newsprint can stain puppy's feet black.) These pads are reported to help house train puppies but are quite expensive.

Puppies raised in a clean environment will naturally eliminate at the farthest point away from the bedding or sleeping area. This set-up is the most useful for working people. If you will be away for more than 3 hours, it is essential that you arrange to have someone come and take puppy outside for a mid-day break. Failing to do this will make housebreaking a nightmare. Your dog will also be more apt to develop separation anxiety, destructive chewing or other difficult-to-solve behavior problems.

A word of warning however, a paper trained dog is never truly "house trained". If you are away from home, and your adult dog has free run of the house, when he needs to relieve himself he will look for something to pee on. Is this a habit you are prepared to cope with? Paper training, especially for large breed dogs, is generally not recommended.

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