Pick of the Litter: The Best Dog Trainers


If you've decided that your dog is in need of specialized training in order to make him act better, respond faster and generally develop better obedience, then it's time to find a dog trainer. However, not just anyone can be an effective dog trainer; so it's important to do your research and find the right one that will bring about the results you desire.

What kind of person makes an effective dog trainer? This person must have expertise about many different kinds of dog breeds. He must have had experience working with dogs in all kinds of conditions. He must have a temperament that is conducive to learning and gaining respect. Overall, he must know what can be expected of a dog and what the dog's reaction will be when handled accordingly.

There are some certification classes that a person can take to become a great dog trainer. Law enforcement officials who work with the canine rescue efforts in their force also sometimes share their knowledge by conducting classes. Others develop these skills almost innately, or because of their love of animals. Check the credentials of the dog trainer you're considering, and you might want to conduct an interview with him or her as well, before you begin the class.

If your dog trainer has the kind of knowledge gained from working with dogs of all breeds, he or she will be trusted to provide good advice and training. A trainer must consider the temperament and individual characteristics of each dog, and the training technique must be varied accordingly. For example, hunting breeds respond differently to situations than small lap dogs. You may want to find out what experience your trainer has with your specific breed of dog.

When a trainer knows what he can expect from a dog and what his reaction will be, he will then be able to bring about positive results for improving the dog's obedience. An experienced dog trainer can anticipate the animal's next move. He or she will determine whether to lessen his demands or to hold firm; there is an art in knowing when to be firm or gentle, when to rebuke or when to encourage. A good trainer is born with the qualities that enable him to coordinate perfect timing of his body with the dog's actions and responses. That is why some trainers succeed where others fail. When the trainer is definite in his actions because he knows what he is doing, the dog then knows that he knows, and the result is respect! Respect gained through admiration and not through fear will bring a happy response that is proof of one's training personality.

By Kelly Marshall of Oh My Dog Supplies - the place to find dog bowls online