Gastrointestinal Disorders in Pets


Pet Health Concern: Gastro-intestinal disorders are at epidemic levels. Routine diarrhea and vomiting are the number 3 reason people take their pets to the vet. Vet visits are expensive and time consuming. More importantly, conventional remedies have done a poor job resolving these issues. Almost all require you to "withhold food and water" from your pet.

Pet Flora- 21st Century Alternative: Pet Flora was formulated in response to the problem confronting pet owners when dealing with frequently occurring gastro-intestinal health issues: Vet visits are expensive and time consuming. 5 years of intense R&D were required to formulate an all natural product that could be administered at home, that would quickly resolve routine gastro-intestinal issues- without side effects, and without the need to withhold food and water! Pet Flora is a 21st Century probiotic, derived from microflora and micronutrients only found in live soil- soil uncompromised by chemical attacks from water, air and treatments for bugs and diseases. Pet Flora is grown and harvested under strict laboratory conditions. The benefits of using SBOs instead of dairy based probiotics include no hormones, antibiotics or questionable feed are used, no allergic reactions, they are not destroyed in animal stomach acid- 100% of our SBO formula reaches the gut where they quickly resolve routine and most advanced gastro-intestinal disorders.


Left unchecked, gastro-intestinal disorders can develop into more serious immune disorders .  Pet Flora- Super Food was developed to work in conjunction with Pet Flora to restore and maintain immune health in cats and dogs, kittens and puppies.

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Robert Hart
VP Marketing
Vitality Science, Inc