Selecting a dog Groomer


Most dogs will spend a great deal of their lives being professionally groomed. While some dogs have "wash and wear" hair and may only need to be professionally groomer a few times a year, many others, like all Poodles, most Terriers, and Old English Sheepdogs, need to be professionally clipped and groomed on a regular basis.

Because your dog will be spending a lot of time at the groomers, you want to be sure that he will be in safe, caring, and capable hands. While getting a great haircut at a great price is important, it should not be the only consideration in choosing a groomer.

Questions to Ask - Things to Watch For.

Is the staff friendly and knowledgeable?

Is the general atmosphere of the salon positive and happy?

Is the salon clean and organized? Does it smell pleasant?

Is the grooming area visible and, if not, are you allowed to go into the grooming area to observe the salonšs grooming procedures and equipment?

Are the dogs being handled in a caring, gentle manner?

Is the equipment well maintained and does it appear to be up-to-date?

Are the grooming tables, kennels, and bathtubs clean, safe, and in good condition?

What kind of products will be used on your dog's hair?

Is the salon using professional shampoos and conditioners? Ask to see the products and perhaps receive a sample.

Are the dogs dried by hand or are they kennel dried? The best styling finishes come with hand drying.

Is the shop a "smoke-free" environment?

If you have a "special-needs"dog, such as a geriatric or physically challenged dog, can you request ein and oute as soon as possible? Very young puppies should also be given priority, as they require more bathroom breaks.

One of the best ways to find a salon that's right for you is to ask for references from your veterinarian and your neighbors. Just because a salon has numerous credentials or certificates on the walls does not mean that this is the right salon for your dog. Whether you choose a professional salon or an in-home groomer you need to feel confident and comfortable with the groomer you chose for your ebest friende.

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