Celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day

By Kathleen Roberts

Do you have the most stylish cat or dog on the block? Well, you’ll have the opportunity to show off your pet’s fashion sense on January 14, otherwise known as National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

With the big day just around the corner, now is the time to coordinate some fabulous outfits so your pet can celebrate in style! This is your chance to make Fido fit for the runway. But remember, there is more involved than just pulling your pet's favorite frock out of her wardrobe. As a pet owner, there are a few things to consider as you prepare for the main event.
Before you pick out your precious pooch (or cat’s) attire, keep the following things in mind.
Think about your pet's personality. Your regal Doberman will not appreciate being dressed in a pink sweater with maribou trim. He is more likely to appreciate a fashionable camo fleeceor a suitable biker hat.
Then again, your Bichon Frise might love the pink sweater. Or put some prep in your pet with this yuppie puppy attire. Now if you own a Persian cat, well obviously you'll want to have her pink velveteen jeweled cat collar ready so she can be presented as the princess that she is. So allow your pet's personality to guide your wardrobe choices.
Most places are cold right now, so a hat and jacket are certainly appropriate. However, in warmer climates your pet might prefer a trendy royalty dog cap and a spectacular pair of shades. 
Check the forecast. If rain is expected in your location, opt for a totally "in" rain coat and possibly even a matching set of boots. After all, being hip doesn't mean being impractical. And you don't want your pet to catch a cold as he shows off his fabulous fashion sense.
Be sure to select outfits that will allow your pet to move comfortably. This is an all-day event, after all. Clothes that are not comfortable can ruin a wonderful day. The right outfit is the perfect marriage between comfort and couture. It may take a little planning, but it will be well worth it and your pet will thank you.
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