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HomeoPet Pro Storm Stress Homeopathic Remedy For Dogs

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Product Details

HomeoPet Pro Storm Stress Homeopathic Remedy For Dogs is a fast acting liquid that is safe, gentle and effective at calming your dog in times of stress such as thunderstorms or fireworks.

Phobias are excessive, unreasonable and intense fears of objects or situations that usually pose little or no actual danger. In the case of storm phobias, pets display both nervous and behavioral signs that may worsen as a storm intensifies. Nervous phobia signs include one or more of panting, shaking, dilated pupils, excessive salivation, and loss of bladder control, bowel control, or both.

Features and Benefits of HomeoPet Pro Storm Stress Homeopathis Remedy For Dogs:

* Safe-It's safe for animals of all ages, including pregnant and lactating females.

* Gentle-Restlessness, anxious and unwanted behavior can be helped with HomeoPet Pro Storm Stress; a fast acting liquid that is safe, gentle and effective.

* Effective-Only pure, naturally grown, raw materials are used.

Begin dosing as soon as anxious behavior starts.
One dose (10 drops) to be given every 15 minutes up to 4 doses if needed.

For Pets that are difficult to treat, the drops may be placed in water/milk, on a treat or on food.

HomeoPet Pro Storm Stress Homeopathic Remedy For Dogs is manufactured to the specifications of the Homeopathic Pharmacopeias in the USA, UK, German and EU Pharmacopeias in an FDA inspected facility and meets or exceeds all GMP (Good manufacturing Practice) standards.

7 Signs Your Pet Is Suffering:

* Does your pet seek a safe place to hide during storms
* Does your pet suffer from fear based urination or defecation
* Does you pet tremble, shake or cower with fear during a storm
* Does your pet bark, whimper, howl or meow during adverse weather events, such as a thunderstorm
* Does your pet compulsively seek your company when suffering from fear related to storms, fireworks or other loud noises
* Does your pet ignore your commands as a result of fear from storms, fireworks or loud noises
* Is your pet destructive, or does he/she chew or dig during storms and fireworks

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Aconite 10x & 200c (Monkshood), Avena Sativa 7x & 2c (Common Oat Plant), Belladonna 30c (Deadly Nightshade), Borax 6c & 30c (Borate of Sodium - Washing Soda), Calcarea Phosphorica 30c & 200c (Calcium phosphate)[Calc-Phos], Gelsemium 6c, 30c & 200c (Yellow Jasmine), Lycopodium 6c & 30c, Natrum Carbonicum 30c & 200c, Natrum Muriaticum 30c (Sodium chloride), Passaflora 7x & 2c (Passion flower), Phosphorus 6c, 30c, 200c & 1M (Mineral Phosphorus), Rhododendron 6c (Rhododendron chrysanthum), Scutellaria Lateriflora 7x & 2c (Skullcap), Silica 30c & 200c (Silicon Dioxide = Flint, Quartz, Sand), Stamonium 30c (Jimson weed), Staphysagria 6c & 30c (Delphinium Stavesacre), Valeriana 7x & 2c (Valerian Root)