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Le Salon Essentials Dog Nail Trimmer

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Product Details

Trimmers provide a secure and comfortable grip that is essential for safe, accurate nail trimming, while greatly reducing the risk of injury caused by repetitive motion. The Le Salon Essentials Dog Nail Trimmer can be used for any size dog from small to large, making them perfect for a home with different sized dogs. The Le Salon Essentials Dog Nail Trimmer makes regular nail clipping an easier more efficent task; keeping your dogs nail trimmed reduces the risk of joint problems as well as cracked nails. Always keep a cautery substance on hand while trimming to stop bleeding in case of accidents.
  • Dimensions: 7.3" H x 3.9" W x 0.8" D
  • Ideal for all breed sizes
  • Keeping your dogs nails trimmed reduces stress on the joints of the paw
  • Provides sharp and precise nail trimming
  • Regular clipping reduces the risk of broken and cracked nails
  • Grip soft handles are more comfortable for you and reduce the risk of slipping.
SKU: 14811