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Exo Terra Decorative Moss Ball


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Product Details

Your frog or lizard will agree, the Exo Terra Decorative Moss Ball look just like the real thing! Your pet's terrarium will have crystal clear water and reduced odors with this decorative piece, plus it help aqua-terrarium maintenance a snap! The Exo Terra Decorative Moss Ball traps and absorbs phosphate, nitrite, and nitrate within its core which helps create ideal conditions for animals, as well as plants in your pet's terrarium. The Exo Terra Moss Ball has a special absorption resin that aids to eliminate many of the compounds that encourage unattractive organic matter build up. For larger terrariums, use multiple Exo Terra Decorative Moss Balls.
The Exo Terra Decorative Moss Ball Features and Benefits:
  • Cleans water and reduces odors
  • Special absorption resin helps prevent organic matter buildup
  • Phosphate, nitrate, and nitrite absorb and trap
  • Makes aqua-terrarium maintenance easier
  • Multiple moss balls for larger terrarium set ups
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