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Exo Terra Mini Fogger


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Product Details

Make your pet reptile feel as comfortable as he or she would be in tropical forests or desert lands with the Exo Terra Mini Fogger. Delivering a cold mist, The Exo Terra Mino Fogger gives the look and appeal of your pet natural habitat, while maintaining important humidity and hydration levels so your reptile can stay hydrated and healthy. Ideal for terrariums of all types, the Exo Terra Mino Fogger creates a misty low clouds and fog similar to tropical environments, and stimulates the early morning dew realistic of desert terrariums.
The Exo Terra Mini Fogger Features and Benefits:
  • Elevates humidity by 100%
  • Helps maintain proper hydration and humidity levels
  • Visually realistic to tropical and desert environments
  • Stimulates low clouds and fog found in tropical terrariums
  • Creates early morning dew found in desert terrariums>/li>
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