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Exo Terra Reptile Feeding Dish

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Product Details

Just like any other pets, snakes, lizards, frogs, and other reptilian and amphibian friends love to eat! The Exo Terra Reptile Feeding Dish provides a fun and natural-looking way to serve food to your pet, that looks great in any rainforest, tropical, or desert terrarium. Made from food-grade resin, the Exo Terra Reptile Feeding Dish has a smooth inside finish and is coated for easy cleaning and to keep harmful bacteria from growing inside your pet's terrarium.
Exo Terra's Reptile Feeding Dish Features and Benefits:
  • Realistic and natural look works well in any terrarium
  • Appropriate for all insects and animals that live in terrariums
  • Easy clean up
  • Smooth surface prevents bacteria absorption and growth
  • Made from food-grade resin
  • Stable enough for larger reptiles
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