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SmartCat Sky Climber Cat Shelf

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Product Details

The sky's the limit with the SmartCat Sky Climber Cat Shelf! This lounging and scratching post is a great way to promote healthy jumping, stretching, and scratching, all while clearing up some floor space for you in your home. The SmartCat Sky Climber Cat Shelf can be mounted almost anywhere so you can set this high-rise scratching post to the perfect height for your cat.
SmartCat Sky Climber Cat Shelf Features and Benefits:
  • Provides vertical territory
  • Lined with durable sisal it entices cats natural instincts to scratch
  • Elevated platform promotes healthy jumping and stretching
  • Attached quickly and securely at any level that suits your cats leaping abilities
  • Perfect for homes in need of floor space
  • Tested and approved by Cats International
SKU: 16433