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Molly & Friends Molly Carpeted Cat Tunnel

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Product Details

Every cat needs a space of their own, and the Molly and Friends Molly Carpeted Cat Tunnel can provide your cat with all the fun or restful me time your pet needs! This unique piece of cat furniture is the perfect place for your cat to hide, perch, and take restful cat naps. Handmade with care, this sturdy and safe cat condo stands at 26 inches tall and also serves as a great scratching post. The Molly and Friends Molly Carpeted Cat Tunnel comes with One Molly tunnel with legs, plus 30 of all natural sisal rope for scratching! A unique cat condo and scratching post like this Molly and Friends piece is great for any cat-loving home. There is no assembly required for the Molly and Friends Molly Carpeted Cat Tunnel, which provides a safe and sturdy place for your beloved cat to use how ever he or she wants. Your feline friend will love scratching, hiding, napping, and perching on this fun and cute cat condo made in the U.S.A!
Molly and Friends Molly Carpeted Cat Tunnel Features and Benefits:
  • Allow cats to indulge in scratching habits
  • One Molly tunnel with legs for napping and perching
  • Heavy duty carpeting
  • 26 inches tall
  • 10 inches all-natural sisal roping
  • Made for rigorous scratchers
  • For cats of all ages
  • Made in the USA!
SKU: 16534