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Senilife Supplement Capsules for Elderly Dogs and Cats

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Product Details

Your pet's a smart one! Keep your dog or cat as sharp as a tack with Senilife Supplement Capsules for Elderly Dog and Cats. This dietary supplement can help signs of brain aging in elderly dogs and cats by providing neuronal protection, while maintaining neuron function in your pet's aging brain. Senilife Supplemente Capsules for Elderly Dogs and Cats provides antioxidant support with Ginkgo Biloba and helps blood circulation in the brain. Use this nutritional supplement and help improve your elderly pet's quality of life, by delaying the appearance of age-related behavior problems and helping your pet stay independent.
Senilife Supplement Capsules for Elderly Dogs and Cats Features and Benefits:
  • Provides neuronal protection
  • Maintains neuron function in the aging brain
  • Antioxidant activity with Ginkgo biloba
  • Improved cerebral blood circulation

0-30 lbs.----1 Capsule Daily
31-50 lbs.---2 Capsules Daily
51 lbs and Greater---3 Capsules Daily

Senilife and SenilifeXL are safe and formulated for the long-term use. For optimal results give recommended dose for 1-2 months and consult your veterinarian for continued use and recommendation.
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