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Nature's Miracle Just for Cats Stain & Odor Remover

This is a great solution for getting rid of cat stains and odors. It is an all natural liquid made from citrus enzymes and is non toxic and chemical free. It is a highly concentrated l... Learn More

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This is a great solution for getting rid of cat stains and odors. It is an all natural liquid made from citrus enzymes and is non toxic and chemical free. It is a highly concentrated liquid that can be diluted with water if desired. Just for Cats can also be added to litter to help keep your house smelling clean and fresh.




About Nature's Miracle: Sometimes, lightning really does strike twice. And when it does, it’s truly one of Nature’s Miracles. Take the story of – well, Nature’s Miracle. What’s now known as a line of surefire cures for all types of pet messes began in 1981 as a humble clean-up product created for preschools by founder Joe Weiss. One evening, one of Joe’s preschool customers found herself with a pet emergency: her dog lost his lunch all over her brand-new carpet. Understandably dismayed, she turned to the best resource she had: the product that so reliably cleaned up messes at her school. Nature’s Miracle worked perfectly, and her very expensive flooring was restored to its pristine state. Pleased, she called Joe Weiss to inform him of his product’s diversity; quick to recognize opportunity, Joe’s company produced 24 bottles of Nature’s Miracle, repackaged as Pet Mess Easy Clean-Up. The new cleaner sold out in 48 hours! As luck would have it, not long after the Weiss family had its own pet mishap: their cat urinated on the carpet for the first and only time in its life. Joe’s wife picked up a stain & odor remover from the pet store, but alas, the scent remained – never a good thing as animals tend to resoil areas they can smell. Forgive the extra cliché, but necessity is, indeed, the mother of invention. (Original pet wipes packaging). A Weiss family friend, who happened to be a chemist, suggested they soup up a non-toxic formula designed for cleaning drains. Joe reasoned that since the formula contained enzymes and other organically-based substances, it just might work on an organic urine stain. Sure enough, it worked perfectly, liquefying the enzymes in the urine stain and neutralizing the smell. The aforementioned lightning re-struck, and, to the delight of pet parents everywhere, Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover was created. And so it went. Nature’s Miracle original formula and Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover were immediate hits because there was nothing else like them on the market: non-toxic, organic, and undeniably effective and removing stains AND smells, so that pets are less likely to repeat their accidents. From there, the Nature’s Miracle team developed more safe and effective products just for pets and their parents: training aids, cat litter, and more. In 2003, the Weiss family sold Nature’s Miracle to Eight in One Pet Products, which brought a century-old tradition of pet product quality to continue the good work they’d begun.

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