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Ark Naturals Royal Coat for Dogs and Cats

Ark Naturals Royal Coat provides your pet with the necessary supplemental amounts of Omega-6 (Borage Oil) and Omega-3 (Fish Oil) missing from Commercial pet foods that help to maintain ... Learn More

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Product Information

Ark Naturals Royal Coat provides your pet with the necessary supplemental amounts of Omega-6 (Borage Oil) and Omega-3 (Fish Oil) missing from Commercial pet foods that help to maintain a shiny, healthy coat. The essential fatty acids found in this product help not only your pet's skin, coat, and joints, but also supports growth, brain function, and heart health. Use Royal Coat with any Ark Naturals products to maximize your pet's nutritional health.

For dogs and cats with shedding, dry skin, excessive licking and scratching, hot spots, itching, dandruff, hair loss, flaky coats. Royal Coat also helps with wound healing and to resolve canine and feline skin disorders including seborrhea and pruritis

Directions for Use:
Use by mixing in food at mealtime or by itself.

Initial Use:
Double the recommended amount listed below for the first 4 weeks.

Maintenance Use:
Up to 12 lbs: 1/8 tsp
Up to 25 lbs: 1/4 tsp
Up to 75 lbs: 1 tsp
Up to 100 lbs: 1 1/2 tsp
Over 100 lbs: 2 tsp




Each Bottle contains: Borage Oil Providing Omega-6 500 mg, Fish Oil Providing Omega-3 4000 mg, Vitamin A 800 iu, Vitamin D 2000 iu, Vitamin E (d-l alpha tocopherol) 10 iu


Ark Naturals a 12 year old Florida company was incorporated with the mission of providing pet guardians with natural options and an opportunity to be proactive when caring for their pets; and also without circumventing the veterinarian patient relationship.

Part of our mission is to educate pet guardians, by providing them with credible scientific studies that are clear and easy to understand. Our belief is that pet guardians will make the right choices when they understand the benefits of natural vs. chemically altered products.

We pledge to continue to produce the leading line of pet care neutraceuticals, using only premium, human grade ingredients. We promise to use ingredients that are made in the USA, are antibiotic, hormone and by-product free. Our goal is not only to develop products that allow our family pets to enjoy a better quality of life, but also to allow their guardians to rest assured that they have cared for their pets in the best possible way.

We are founding members of the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) and audited with an A+rating.

The NASC is an organization of pet supplement manufacturers that are dedicated to protecting and enhancing the health of companion animals and horses through the US. Founded in 2001, NASC members are committed to the highest standards of quality in the industry today. NASC promulgates, disseminates and collectively enforces 'best practices' in manufacturing, labeling and marketing supplements.

Our products are conventional, using all human grade neutraceuticals. All our products are made in the USA in FDA/OTC facilities and USDA/AFIS registered facilities. We use no imported meats; our products are hormone, antibiotic and by-product free.

Prescription Required

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