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Snuggle Pet Products SnuggleKittie Tiger Cat Toy

You always want your kitty to feel comforted and happy. The Snuggle Pet Products SnuggleKittie Tiger Cat Toy can help ease your pet's anxiety with a plush stuffed cat with a pulsing, ba... Learn More

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You always want your kitty to feel comforted and happy. The Snuggle Pet Products SnuggleKittie Tiger Cat Toy can help ease your pet's anxiety with a plush stuffed cat with a pulsing, battery-powered heartbeat (batteries included). All natural warmers (each lasts up to 20 hours) inside this toy for cats help soothe and calm your pet and keep his or her body temperature up, just like a sleeping littermate. Great for new kittens and even senior cats, the Snuggle Pet Products SnuggleKittie Tiger Cat Toy will help your pet make a smooth transition into your home by providing a familiar, comforting, and stress free environment. This machine-washable toy for cats also has a special baby bottle feature that helps baby animals feed themselves.

For replacement batteries and warmers: GO HERE

  • Great for dogs of all ages and sizes
  • Comforts and soothes so pets can sleep
  • Eases anxiety
  • Realistic heartbeat (Batteries included)
  • Receives two modes of heating: disposable and renewable
  • Includes 2 disposable warmers that last 20 hours each (made of all natural and contain salt, iron powder vermiculite, and activated carbon)
  • Special Baby Bottle Feature: helps baby animals feed themselves
  • Nothing small to chew off
  • Machine washable
  • Includes instructions for use and cleaning

Ideal for:
    Crying kittens
  • Lonely/depressed cats
  • Pre/Post Op surgery
  • Travel or kennel
  • Thunderstorm anxiety
  • Shy pets
  • Rescue cats

Washing: Machine wash in warm water, on gentle cycle and no harsh detergents. Please air dry. Be sure to empty the underside pocket of all contents before washing.

Try This: Snuggle Pet Products has found that placing a worn human scented sock inside the pocket reassures your pet. This works particularly well when animals need to be transported to unfamiliar places like the kennel or vet.

Caution: Heaters are for external us only! Do not place heater directly on skin, the heat may cause burns, heater won't be effective if wet. Do not open inner pack. Do not microwave the disposable heater. If inner pack contents come in contact with skin, mouth or eyes, flush instantly with cold water.

The other type of recommended heat is dry rice. We have enclosed a cloth pouch for your convenience. Take 1/2 cup of dry, white rice and place inside the terry cloth bag. Because heating in microwves varies, try warming the rice for one minute or less. Do not boil or bake the rice. Rice heat is moister than the disposable heat and lasts up to three hours. Be careful to not overheat the rice, a burnt smell is unpleasant to animals. Exercise caution when handling either heat source.




Snuggle Pet Products Company is a manufacturer of "Soul Satisfying Pet Products". Since 1997 we have been making a difference for stressed out animals all over the world with our now famous SnugglePuppies and SnuggleKitties. With a real feel "pulsing" heart beat and warmer packs they are sure to make a difference for your pet too. Loneliness, fear and anxiety are just a few the concerns virtually eliminated with use of our products. Not only for new puppies and kittens but for rescue animals from baby "Joeys" (Kangaroos) in Australia to orphaned Raccoons in Minnesota (USA). Feeling guilty about leaving your pet alone? SnugglePets eliminate people guilt too!

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