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Dorzolomide HCl-Timolol Maleate Ophthalmic Solution

Dorzolomide HCl is: a liquid solution given directly in affected eye(s). Used to treat glaucoma and to prevent glaucoma in the opposite eye once already been diagnosed.

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Product Information

Dorzolomide HCl is: a liquid solution given directly in affected eye(s). Used to treat glaucoma and to prevent glaucoma in the opposite eye once already been diagnosed.

What are the benefits? 1.Decreases fluid production in the eye; 2. Helps to decrease the possibility of optic nerve damage and blindness associated with glaucoma; 3. Dropper bottle design makes administration easy and convenient; 4. Given locally in the eye so it works well at the area it is needed without causing systemic side effects.

What outcomes can be expected? Will not cure glaucoma, but it will manage symptoms.

Who is it for: Dogs and cats.

How is it given?

1. Follow your veterinarian’s exact instructions regarding the use of this medication.
2. Dorzolomide HCl should be given in the eyes only.
3. If there is eye discharge or dirt present, clean the eye with sterile eyewash before use. Shake the bottle well.
4. Wash your hands well before and after each treatment.
5. Before use, make sure your pet’s head is tilted slightly upwards so that his or her eyes are facing upward.
6. Do not touch the tip of the medication bottle directly to your pet’s eye, lids, or eyelashes. Handle the bottle correctly and avoid touching the tip with your hands in order to prevent contamination.
7. Keep your pet’s head tilted upward for a few seconds until all of the medication has dispersed throughout the eye.
8. If your pet needs more than one medication, space each treatment out by at least 5 minutes so that one medication does not wash out another.

How does it work? This medication is effective because it decreases the production of aqueous humor within the eye. Aqueous humor is the liquid portion of the eye. A reduction in aqueous humor helps to decrease the pressure within the eye.

Dorzolomide HCl is available as:a liquid solution that is for use in the eye(s).

Generic Name: Dorzolomide HCl (Common Drug Name)

Common Brand Name: Trusopt

Storage: Store Dorzolomide HCl at room temperature in a safe place out of reach from children and pets. Keep this medication in a tight, light resistant, and childproof container.

Possible Side Effects: Stinging, redness, itching, or swelling in the medicated eye(s) is also possible. Try to keep your pet out of direct light or sunlight if he or she appears to be uncomfortable. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include facial swelling, difficulty breathing, or hives. If you think your pet is experiencing a true allergic reaction or appears abnormal in anyway, contact your veterinarian or local veterinary emergency hospital immediately.

Precautions: If your pet is allergic (hypersensitive) to Dorzolomide , sulfonamides (sulfa medications), furosemide (Lasix), thiazide diuretics, oral diabetes medications (glipizide), or oral carbonic anhydrase-type glaucoma medications, DO NOT use. Should be used with caution in pregnant or lactating animals. If your pet has kidney or liver disease, this medication may be risky - discuss with your veterinarian. Your veterinarian will let you know if certain eye examinations and diagnostic tests are necessary prior to and during treatment.

Drug and Food Interactions: If your pet is taking any medications, vitamins, or supplements, discuss this with your veterinarian prior to use to ensure pet safety. Drug interactions may occur. If your pet is receiving eye medications that contain silver, avoid the use of Dorzolomide HCl since interactions are possible.

A prescription from your veterinarian is required to purchase Dorzolomide HCl Ophthalmic Solution.


Prescription Required

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