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OTG Paws 3rd Hand Leash


Product Details

Whether running or walking, the OTG Paws 3rd Hand Leash is a great way to have convenient, hands free dog walking. Veterinarian approved, get continuous hands-free walking with dogs up to 20 lbs; just attach the adjustable, neoprene armband that connects to the adjustable leash. The veterinarian-approved OTG Paws 3rd Hand Leash also features a soft grip handle that provides extra control when necessary and can fit a doggie bag. Plus, there is a pocket on the armband that fits and IPod Nano, money, key, or even a credit card.
  • Veterinarian approved
  • Continuous hands-free up to 20lbs
  • Occasional hands-free for dogs weighing more than 20lbs
  • Pocket for holding: iPod Nano/Shuffle, Money, I.D, Credit card, a key, etc
  • Grip handle for extra control
  • Adjustable arm length: between grip handle and arm band
  • Adjustable length: to match dog and dog owners height
  • Adjustable armband for different arm sizes
  • Quick release industrial strength Velcro on Armband
  • Optional soft grip: closes with Velcro and can store a doggie bag
  • Neoprene armband fits comfortably

  • Arm Sizes: 9.5"-12.5"
  • Dog Sizes: Small to Medium Breed Dogs

SKU: 52756