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Incurin Tablets for Female Dogs

Urinary incontinence in female spayed dogs can be controlled with Incurin. This medication can be prescribed by your veterinarian and is FDA approved.

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Urinary incontinence in female spayed dogs can be controlled with Incurin. This medication can be prescribed by your veterinarian and is FDA approved.

Incurin is: medication that is given by mouth in order to manage your female spayed dog’s urinary incontinence.

What are the benefits? 1.Treats urinary incontinence in female, spayed dogs; 2. FDA-approved tablets are easy to administer; 3. Medication is generally well-tolerated.

What outcomes can be expected? Your dog’s urinary leakage should stop and he/she should start to feel better. Success is defined as no signs of urinary incontinence for 7 consecutive days. Many dogs start to show improvement within a few days. The initial dose will likely need to be adjusted as necessary. Follow your veterinarian’s precise instructions regarding the use of Incurin. Give this medication to your dog indefinitely if it is working.
Who is it for: Incurin should be given exclusively to female, spayed dogs.
How is it given?

1.Give Incurin by mouth (orally) once daily.
2. Dosing is not based on your dog’s body weight.
3. Follow your veterinarian’s exact instructions.
4. Incurin is usually started at 1 tablet (1mg) per day for 7-14 days.
5. The goal is to give the minimum dose that controls your dog’s symptoms. If the initial dose is working after this time period, try to reduce the dose to ½ tablet per day, then ½ tablet on alternate days.
6. If treatment is not working at the lower dose, go back to the minimum dose that is effective.
7. The dose may be increased to a maximum of 2mg daily for 7 days as directed by your veterinarian.

How does it work? Incurin works by supplementing female, ovariohysterectomized (spayed) dogs with oestrogen. Replacing oestrogen helps to control your pet’s urinary incontinence when it is caused by low or absent oestrogen levels.

Incurin is available as: 1 mg tablets.

Generic Name:Estriol 1mg

Common Brand Name:Incurin (Merck)

Dose and Administration:Incurin should be given only as directed by your veterinarian. Most veterinarian recommend starting the dosage of Incurin at 1 mg (1 tablet) once daily for 7-14 days. If the medication seems to be working after this period of time, reduce the dose slowly to ½ tablet on alternate days as directed by your veterinarian. Your dog’s dose should be modified as necessary but should never exceed 2 mg per day. Incurin should be continued indefinitely if it is working.
Uses:Use Incurin in female spayed dogs to manage hormone-responsive urinary incontinence due to sphincter mechanism incompetence.

Storage: Incurin should be stored at room temperature away from children and pets.

Possible Side Effects: Common side effects include vomiting and inappetance. A reduction in the dose your dog receives can help to control these problems. More rare but possible side effects occur due to the administration of female hormones (ex. swollen vulva, breast enlargement, and acting in heat). Call your veterinarian immediately if your dog acts unusual in any way after taking Incurin.

Precautions: Incurin should not be given to male or intact female dogs. Animals who experience polyuria-polydipsia (increased drinking and urination) also should not take this medication. Pregnant/lactating females or dogs under 1 year old also cannot be given Incurin.

Drug and Food Interactions: No interactions have been reported but always discuss all medications, vitamins, and supplements with your veterinarian.

A prescription from your veterinarian is required to purchase Incurin (Estriol).



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