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Novolin N Insulin

Novolin N insulin works to manage your pet’s diabetes mellitus. Novolin N works in a similar fashion to Humulin N insulin but it is shorter acting. Novolin N must be given with U-100 s... Learn More

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  • 100 units/mL, 10mL Vial


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Product Information

Novolin N insulin works to manage your pet’s diabetes mellitus. Novolin N works in a similar fashion to Humulin N insulin but it is shorter acting. Novolin N must be given with U-100 syringes (sold separately) as directed by your veterinarian.

Novolin N is: insulin that helps to manage your pet’s diabetes. It is structurally identical to insulin that is produced in the pancreas. Novolin N is shorter acting than Humulin N lasting for 12 hours making it an intermediate-acting insulin.

What are the benefits?

    1.Controls your pet’s high blood sugar; 2. Can be given as an injection in a home setting as taught by your veterinarian; 3. Starts to work within 1.5 hours.

    What outcomes can be expected?

    Your pet’s glucose levels should eventually return to normal once Novolin N injections are initiated. This may take some time.

    Your pet’s blood glucose should normalize over time. Your pet’s symptoms of diabetes should subside and he/she should start to feel better.

    Who is it for:Novolin N can be given to dogs and cats.

    How is it given?
    1. Novolin N injections can be given once or twice daily using only U-100 syringes. Follow your veterinarian’s exact instructions for your pet.
    2. The specific dose of Novolin N is based on your pet’s needs and is based on blood glucose testing.
    3. Roll each vial between your hands 10 times before each use.
    4. Give Novolin N by injection subcutaneously (under the skin). Make sure you receive proper training by your veterinarian before giving injections on your own.
    How does it work? Novolin N provides your diabetic pet with insulin that he/she is unable to produce. Providing your pet with synthetic insulin works to control your pet’s high blood sugar and his/her diabetic symptoms.
    Novolin N is available as: an injectable liquid solution. Each 10 mL vial contains 100 units per mL of Novolin N.

    Generic Name: NPH insulin

    Common Brand Name: Novolin N

    Dose and Administration: The Novolin N dosage for your pet is determined by your veterinarian so always follow his/her instructions carefully. Your pet will also need blood work to monitor his/her glucose levels as recommended by your veterinarian.

    Give injections once or twice daily as instructed by your veterinarian. Give each injection subcutaneously(under the skin). Your veterinarian will teach you how to give injections correctly. Novolin N can be given only with U-100 syringes. Gently roll each vial between your hands about 10 times before each use.

    Uses: Novolin N works to control your diabetic pet’s high blood sugar.

    Storage: All unopened vials should be refrigerated but not frozen. Vials in use can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 weeks. Keep out of reach from children and pets.

    Possible Side Effects: Side effects may occur mostly due to low blood sugar(hypoglycemia). Possible signs you may notice include weakness, seizure, and coma.

    Allergic reactions may occur.

    Contact your veterinarian immediately if your pet is acting unusual after receiving Novolin N.

    Precautions: U-100 syringes must be used with Novolin N or incorrect dosing will occur.

    Never give two doses at one time even if you miss a dose. Do not use Novolin N in dogs and cats that are allergic to it.

    It is also important to follow your veterinarian’s advice regarding the food type and feeding schedule that is best for your diabetic pet.

    Drug and Food Interactions: Never give Novolin N with other types of insulin. Do not change insulin unless your vet tells you to. Always tell your vet about other medications your pet is taking.

    Novolin N is an OTC product. U-100 syringes require a prescription.




About Novo Nordisk: Novo Nordisk is a focused healthcare company and a world leader in diabetes care.

We believe action defines leadership.

The status quo is just not good enough. We are actively working to change the course of the diabetes pandemic, improve the daily lives of people with diabetes, and to expand the possibilities for people with hemophilia. Innovation and personal passion are the hallmarks of how we operate.

Our company’s history is full of firsts, and we will continue to tap that well of innovation to not only develop ever-more effective treatment options for the patients we serve but also innovation in education, and leadership, advocacy.

Personal passion about the well-being of people with chronic illness has always been at the heart of our company. Our roots reach far back to a man driven to find an innovative treatment for his wife, in 1923.

We carry that same passion and commitment beyond diabetes into our work for people with growth disorders and women requiring hormone therapy.

Since that start, the company’s care for the individual’s well-being blossomed into a deep sense of responsibility for all of society. An early adopter of the triple bottom line approach to business, Novo Nordisk remains a leading proponent of balancing its environmental impact, social contribution, and financial results.

In his Welcome Letter , the company’s U.S. President,Jerzy Gruhn, shares more about the company’s presence and activities, particularly here in the United States.

Prescription Required

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