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Novolin N Insulin

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Product Details

Control your pets diabetes mellitus with Novolin N insulin. This type of insulin works the same as Humulin N insulin but is shorter acting (12 hours vs. 24 hours). Novolin N must be used with U-100 syringes only (sold separately).

What is Novolin N? This type of insulin is structurally identical to insulin that is produced in the pancreas. It has a shorter acting time (about 12 hours) than Humulin N insulin. It is an intermediate-acting insulin.

What are the benefits of Novolin N?
Works to control your pets high blood sugar.
Can be given at home under the supervision of your veterinarian.
Works within 1 ½ hours of injection.

Formulated for: dogs and cats.

How is this medication given? Novolin N can be given once or twice daily as precisely directed by your veterinarian. Use U-100 syringes only. The dose of Novolin N is determined by blood glucose testing. The exact dose for your pet is individual based on his/her needs.Mix each vial gently by rolling it between your hands 10 times prior to administration. Novolin N is given by injection under the skin (subcutaneously). Your veterinarian will teach you how to give these injections properly.

How does this medication work? Novolin N helps to supplement the insulin that diabetic pets cannot produce on their own. Supplementing this hormone (insulin) helps to control your pets high blood sugar and clinical symptoms that are associated with diabetes mellitus.

What results can I expect? Your diabetic pets blood sugar (glucose) should return to normal once he/she starts to receive Novolin N. This may take some time so be patient. Once your pets blood glucose is under control, his/her symptoms of diabetes mellitus should be controlled. Your pet should then start to feel better.

What form(s) does Novolin N come in? Novolin N is available as an injectable liquid in 10 mL vials that contain 100 units per mL. Unopened vials should be refrigerated.

Generic Name: NPH insulin

Common Brand Name: Novolin N

Dose and Administration: The dose of Novolin N is different for every pet so always follow your veterinarians precise instructions. Glucose levels need to be monitored to make sure the dose of insulin is correct. Novolin N can be used once or twice daily as directed. Injections are typically given subcutaneously(under the skin) as taught by your veterinarian. Use only U-100 syringes with Novolin N. Roll each vial gently between your hands 10 times prior to giving each injection.

Uses: Novolin N is used to control high blood sugar due to diabetes mellitus.

Possible Side Effects: Most side effects occur due to low blood sugar(hypoglycemia). Symptoms include weakness, seizure, and coma. Allergic reactions are also possible. If your pet is acting strange in any way after receiving Novolin N, contact your veterinarian immediately for further instructions.

Drug and Food Interactions: Do not give Novolin N with other types of insulin. Never change insulin without your veterinarians consent. Discuss all medications your pet is taking with your veterinarian.

Precautions: Always use U-100 syringes only with Novolin N.
Never give two doses at once and never give Novolin N to pets with an allergy to it. Follow your veterinarians instructions regarding the type of food you are feeding your pet and the frequency of feedings per day as this is also an important part of diabetes management.

Storage: Refrigerate all unopened vials. Do not freeze. Vials in use can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 weeks out of reach from children and pets.

Novolin N is a non-prescription (OTC) product but U-100 syringes require a prescription.
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