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ResiCort Leave-On Conditioner

Bring relief to your pet’s itchy skin and help him/her to feel better when you use ResiCORT Leave-On Conditioner as directed by your veterinarian.

ResiCORT is: a leave-on... Learn More

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Product Information

Bring relief to your pet’s itchy skin and help him/her to feel better when you use ResiCORT Leave-On Conditioner as directed by your veterinarian.

ResiCORT is: a leave-on lotion for external use only. The active ingredient in ResiCORT is hydrocortisone which helps reduce inflammation and itching. Spherulites in ResiCORT also help to slow the release of active ingredients so the positive effects last longer.

What are the benefits?

    1.Easy to use;2.Spherulites help prolong the effects of ResiCORT;3. Helps to reduce inflammation directly on the skin allowing for great results and less side effects.

    What outcomes can be expected?

    ResiCORT helps to reduce inflammation and ultimately decreases skin itching which should help to improve your pet’s quality of life.

    Who is it for: ResiCORT is safe to apply on the skin of dogs, cats, and horses.

    How is it given?

    Always shake ResiCORT well before each use. Use only as prescribed by your veterinarian.

    After bathing your pet or wetting his/her hair coat, apply enough lotion to cover the entire hair coat along the back of the animal. Massage lotion into the skin and hair. ResiCORT can be used on one focal area and as needed as per your veterinarian’s recommendation.

    If you have questions regarding the use of ResiCORT, call your veterinarian. Use only on the skin of the pet it has been prescribed for.

    How does it work? The active ingredient in ResiCORT is Hydrocortisone which reduces inflammation and itching. ResiCORT also contains Spherulites the slowly release the active ingredient(s) so they are effective for longer periods. A natural bio polymer(Chitosanide) makes a protective film directly on the skin and hair allowing for optimal results.

    ResiCORT is available as: a leave-on lotion.

    Generic Name:Hydrocortisone(Common Drug Name)

    Common Brand Name:ResiCORT

    Dose and Administration:Shake before use. Use ResiCORT only according to your veterinarian’s instructions.

    Apply after bathing or between shampoos as needed. Apply ResiCORT along the length of the back of the animal as directed and massage into the skin and hair coat.

    If you are not sure how to use ResiCORT properly, contact your veterinarian.

    Uses:ResiCORT is a leave-on lotion that is used externally on the skin and hair coat in order to relieve local inflammation and itching.

    Storage:Keep away from light at room temperature out of reach from children and pets.

    Possible Side Effects: Side effects are rare with ResiCORT. Skin irritation can develop or increase. If this occurs, discontinue use and call your veterinarian. Other side effects are possible.

    Precautions:Animals who are allergic to ResiCORT or other products that are similar should not receive ResiCORT on their skin.

    Wash your hands well after each use.

    ResiCORT should only be used on the skin and hair coat. It should never be ingested. Try not to get ResiCORT in the eyes or mucus membranes if possible. If ResiCORT get in the eyes, flush them with water and seek medical attention if irritation continues.

    Exams and testing that may be necessary in order to use ResiCORT safely. Discuss this with your veterinarian

    Drug and Food Interactions: Discuss all medications and supplements your pet is taking with your veterinarian prior to applying ResiCORT to ensure that it can be applied safely.

    A prescription from your veterinarian is required to purchase ResiCORT Leave-On Conditioner.



About Virbac: Virbac United States is driven by our passion for enhancing the health and well-being of companion animals throughout their lives. In fact, it’s all we do. Our sole focus is on meeting the unique needs of veterinarians as you care for dogs, cats, and other companion animals. We recognize that meeting those needs starts with listening. Ultimately, the essence of Virbac is found in our relationships with veterinarians. Because it is through these relationships that, together, we can find the right answers by first asking the right questions.

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