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HomeoPet Cleanz-Detox for Pets

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Make your pet as sparkly and shiny on the inside as he/she is on the outside with HomeoPet Cleanz-Detox for Pets. It removes environmental toxins from your pets organs. It also enhances energy levels and reduces whatever allergies he/she may have. As it clears the liver and kidneys of toxins, this remedy improves your pets hair and coat health. HomeoPet Cleanz-Detox for Pets is a natural way of keeping your pets systems functioning the way they should.
This remedy comes in a 15 ml liquid dropper bottle and may be dosed directly into the mouth, in food/treat or in water/milk. There are approximately 350-375 drops per bottle.

All HomeoPet remedies are the same size and administered in the same manner. HomeoPet formulas are fast acting, non-sedating and non-habit forming.

HomeoPet Cleanz-Detox for Pets Dosage:


Under 20 lbs (10 kg) 5 drops = 1 dose
21-60 lbs (10-30 kg) 10 drops = 1 dose
61-100 lbs (30-45) kg 15 drops = 1 dose
Over 100 lbs (45 kg) 20 drops = 1 dose

Under 1 lb: All pets under 1 lb should be dosed by putting 2 drops in the drinking water daily.

BIRDS: A caged bird can be medicated with 2 drops in the drinking water daily.

SMALL MAMMALS: Rabbits, ferrets, hamsters and pot bellied pigs can be dosed by weight as for cats and dogs.

DRUG INTERACTIONS: None known for animal use; keep out of reach of children.

PHARMACEUTICAL PRECAUTIONS: Store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, and away from strong odors.

USER SAFETY: No adverse effects have been recorded.


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