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Petlou Crinkle Cat Tunnel

$14.49 - $39.99

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Product Details

Give your cat a place to escape and play with the Petlou Crinkle Cat Tunnel! Inside this expandable tube of feline fun is a place where your cat can give into his/her natural instincts to hide, stalk and pounce! Made with a fashionable fabric on the outside and crinkle paper on the inside, the Petlou Crinkle Cat Tunnel is the purrfect place for your pet to catch a few zzzzs or play hide-and-seek!
  • Expandable tunnel for cats
  • Fun print on the outside
  • Crinkle paper on the inside
  • Tackle ties for easy storage
  • Perfect place for your cat to take a nap or play
  • Comes in two sizes: 10 x 15 (small) and 35 x 14 (large)
SKU: 53599