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PetArmor Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats

If pests a making havoc in your home, PetArmor Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats can help. Formulated with Fipronil, the same active ingredient in Frontline TopSpot products, this once-a-m... Learn More

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Product Information

If pests a making havoc in your home, PetArmor Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats can help. Formulated with Fipronil, the same active ingredient in Frontline TopSpot products, this once-a-month topcial treatment effectively kills adult fleas, ticks in all stages, and chewing lice infestations. PetArmor Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats is fast-acting so your cat can get the much needed relief.

Do I need a prescription to purchase this product? No.

What parasites does this kill, control, or repel? Kills newly emerged adult fleas prior to egg laying, ticks at all stages (including Brown Dog ticks, American Dog Ticks, Lone Star ticks, and Deer ticks), and chewing lice infestations.

What is the main tick killing ingredient (active ingredient)? Fipronil.

Intended Use: Cats. DO NOT USE ON DOGS.

What is the youngest age I can use this on my pet? At least 8 weeks old for cats and kittens.

What is the weight requirements for use? All weights.

Can I use on my pregnant or lactating (nursing) pet? Yes.

Is this Waterproof or Water Resistant?: Waterproof.

How long before it starts to work? Twenty-four hours to translocate.

How long until maximum effectiveness is reached? Four to eighteen hours to kill fleas.

How often should I apply or administer? Once a month.

How is it administered (Topically, orally, or other)? Topical. Pet should be completely dry before use.

Directions for Use: Always read product label before administration.

1. Open the child resistant package according to the directions on the back of the sealed inner package for each pipette.
2. Snap the tip of the pipette away from you as shown.
3. Part the cat's hair and place the tip of the pipette behind the neck and between the shoulders. Ensure that the entire application of PETARMOR For Cats is contained in a single spot on the cat's skin. Be sure to squeeze the pipette thoroughly so that the entire contents are applied.

Do not apply the product superficially to the dog’s hair. Use only one pipette during each application. Do not touch the area where the application was made until it is dry.

Cautions and Possible Side Effects: Some temporary irritation at the site of application can occur with any pest




Active Ingredient: Fipronil 9.7%
Inert Ingredients: 90.3%


FidoPharm is a leading companion pet health product company committed to providing consumers with best-in-class companion pet health products that contain the same active ingredients as branded veterinary products, but at a significantly lower cost. FidoPharm products offer consumers the benefits of convenience and cost savings to ensure the highest quality care for their pets. FidoPharm is a subsidiary of Velcera, Inc.

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