Hurtta Birch Frost Jacket


Product Details

Hurtta Birch Frost Jacket is a light jacket intended for those outdoor walks in cold, windy weather. They are designed with a comfortable soft shell material that will insulate heat. Especially great for replacing the fur properties that have been overlooked in the breeding of short-haired dogs and dogs with no undercoat! The jacket will protect your dogs most important muscle groups including the neck and the sensitive abdomen area. Designed with a light comfortable material makes a perfect fit. The adjustable collar, neckline and waist ensure that the jacket stays in place even when rough housing around. Hurtta Birch Frost Jacket is a waterproof two-way zipper and has a leash opening on the back. Visibly placed 3M reflectors improve your dogs safety in the dark.
  • Intended for walk on a very cold day
  • Adjustable collar
  • Waterproof
  • 2 way zipper and a leash opening
  • 3M reflectors

  • 10 = Chihuahua, Papillon, Toy Poodle, Maltese, Silky Terrier
  • 12 = Miniature Poodle, Tibetan Spaniel, Italian Greyhound
  • 14 =Jack Russell, Border Terrier, Shetland Sheepdog
  • 16 = German Pinscher, Beagle, Basenji, Miniature Dachshund
  • 18 = Cocker Spaniel, Pumi, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Drever
  • 20 = Spanish Waterdog, Standard Schnauzer, Wheaten Terrier
  • 22 = Border collie, Welsh Springer Spaniel, Whippet, Australian Shepherd
  • 24 = Golden Retriever, Dalmatian, Labrador Retriever
  • 26 = Boxer, Rottweiler, Belgian Shepherd, Afghan Hound
  • 28 = Borzoi, Hovawart, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, White Swiss Shepherd Dog
  • 32 = Great Dane, Neapolitan Mastiff, Spanish Mastiff, Newfoundland
  • 35 = Leonberger, Irish Wolfhound, St Bernhard, Pyrenean Mastiff

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