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N-Bone Quado Ginormous Interactive Dog Treat

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Product Details

Why let your dog struggle with ordinary bones? Quado's revolutionary interactive shape stands upright in any position, keeping one leg up for your dog to chew on. Quado doesn't just stand - your dog can roll it to the best chewing position or play with it. This prolongs your dog's interest in productive chewing and keeps him out of trouble.
Key Attributes:

Edible & Digestible
Reduces Tartar Buildup
No Plastic, Nylon or Rubber
Rotates to the Best Chewing Position
Freshens Breath
Low Fat
Chewing Fulfillment

Peppermint - soothes the stomach, aids digestion and freshens breath Parsley - prevents flatulence, relieves bloating and freshens breath Fennel - prevents flatulence, relieves bloating, reduces cramping, freshens breath Chlorophyll - cleanses the blood of toxins, eliminates body odor, helps reduce bad breath, rich source of micronutrients

Based on the patented technology of The Original N-Bone©, Quado combines natural ingredients to create a healthy, long-lasting chew treat. While your dog enjoys the taste, Quado works to freshen breath and reduce tartar buildup. There's no plastic, nylon, or rubber, so it's fully edible and digestible - perfect for the chewing needs of young adults to seniors.

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Wheat gluten, gelatine, glycerine, corn gluten meal, cellulose, vegetable gum, natural flavor, garlic powder, lecithin, brewer's yeast, peppermint oil, parsley oil, fennel and chlorophyll.


Moisture (Max)15.00%
Crude Fiber (Max)3.50%
Crude Protein (Min)58.00%
Crude Fat (Max)2.00%