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BreathaLyser Plus Drinking Water Additive

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Product Details

BreathaLyser Plus Drinking Water Additive is a pleasant-tasting animal care cosmetic solution to help maintain oral hygiene and decrease your pet's bad breath. Unlike direct application products, it is simply added to the drinking water. This enhanced formula provides a specific proteolytic enzyme (Emilgase) and zinc oxide to help reduce the sources of foul smelling breath without brushing. BreathaLyser Plus Drinking Water Additive eliminates the struggling with pastes and gels. No fuss, no muss! Just add BreathaLyser to your pet's drinking water once-a-day.'s an easy-to-use, home dental care product that every pet owner can give!
BreathaLyser Plus Drinking Water Additive Features and Benefits:
* Safe & Effective: no brushing required which makes it practical in households with multiple species under the same roof
* Safe & effective for dogs & cats
* Decreases tartar if used daily
* Reduces not just masks bad breath.

Ingredient information:
* Zinc Gluconate: acts as an immune stimulant and breath freshener
* Potassium Sorbate: breath freshener and preservative
* Xylitol: sweetener
* Emilgase: Proteolytic enzyme, breaks down proteins to reduce their role in plaque formation.

Dosing for BreathaLyser Plus Drinking Water Additive:
* Large breed dogs: 2 capfuls to 1 qt if water (10mL/L) daily
* Small breed dogs & cats 1 capful to a minimum of 1 pt of water (5mL/500L) daily.

* Mix BreathaLyser Plus Drinking Water Additive daily & discard any not consumed within 24 hours.
* Provide supplemental fresh non-treated drinking water if required.

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Purified water, Glyercine, Hydroxymethyl-cellulose gum, xylitol, polysorbate 20, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, barley malt extract, zinc gluconate, proteolytic enzyme (Emilgase), FD&C Blue No. 1 & chlorhedidene digluconate 0.049% w/w as a preservative.