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StarMark Dog Training Collar

$4.79 - $13.09
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Product Details

The StarMark Collar's patented design enhances communication between you and your dog. This collar provides gentle control and offers a great looking design. It works well for dogs that constantly pull on the leash and makes obedience training a snap. The link design fits together, producing a watchband pattern that any dog would be proud to wear. This also makes it easy to remove links as needed, or use Add-A-Link to quickly lengthen the collar for a perfect fit.
How do I fit the StarMark Collar
Proper fit is essential for the StarMark Collar to work properly. Before fitting the StarMark Collar on your dog, practice taking the collar apart by unsnapping and snapping the links together. You may snap or unsnap the collar at any link. Additional links (Add-A-Link) may be purchased separately, which allows the StarMark Collar to be used on the largest of dogs.

To unfasten the collar, use your thumb and forefinger to angle the links, and then unsnap them using a firm left-to-right rocking motion. To fasten the collar, angle the links, and then snap them together using a firm left-to-right rocking motion.

To fit the StarMark Collar to your dog, unfasten the collar and approach your dog. Angle the links and then snap them together around your dog's neck by using a firm left-to-right rocking motion. Ensure that both hooks are set firmly on the bars. The collar should fit snug and high around your dog's neck. This is especially important for long-haired dogs. Add or remove links as needed to ensure proper fit. If your collar is too loose, it may not be as effective, and you run the risk of the collar getting caught up on something or twisting and popping off the dog. Position the collar so the cord rests at the top of your dog's neck. Attach the end of your leash to the 0-ring swivel.

To remove the StarMark Collar, have your dog sit, and then unsnap the StarMark Collar at any link. Angle the links and unsnap, using a firm left-to-right rocking motion. Do not attempt to slip the collar over your dog's head. Watch the video lesson, Fitting the StarMark Collar for additional guidance.

StarMark Collar vs. metal pinch collar:
Made of metal, the traditional pinch collar has a much more menacing look than the StarMark Collar. The metal can rust, which will stain the hair on a light colored dog, or can rub the hair off the neck area.

measures 15 inches
Large measures 21 inches
SKU: 7616