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ZuPreem AvianEntrees Harvest Feast Mix Parrot Food

A combination of eye-opening, colorful nuggets mixed with a tasty variety of apples, red and green peppers, tomatoes and peas. Combines a delicious mix of tastes, colors, shapes and textures. Learn More

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A combination of eye-opening, colorful nuggets mixed with a tasty variety of apples, red and green peppers, tomatoes and peas. Combines a delicious mix of tastes, colors, shapes and textures.

ZuPreem AvianEntr"es Diets are formulated for adult nonbreeding birds and should be the bird's primary source of nutrition. AvianEntr"es Diets are convenient and ready to serve. Shake the bag before each serving so the bird can enjoy the complete mix of nuggets, fruit and vegetables. Feed free choice and check that the bird always has food in his cup, as well as access to fresh clean water. Do not leave moistened food in the cup for long periods of time.

Delicious mix of tastes, colors, shapes and textures Offers variety and an exciting eating experience for highly intelligent birds.
Perfect balance of nutrition and fun Highly nutritious nuggets are combined with tasty fruit and vegetables birds enjoy.
Convenient and ready-to-eat food No more slicing and dicing fruit and vegetables.
Fixed formulation extruded nuggets. Nuggets provide consistent dependable nutrition in every bite.
Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals birds need for excellent health No vitamin or mineral supplements required.
Naturally preserved with Vitamins E and C. Longer shelf life than seeds and most pelleted foods, and contain no artificial preservatives.
Backed by more than 40 years of developing premium diets The same premium nutrition bird owners have come to expect in every ZuPreem diet.

Most birds consume 20% of their weight per day to maintain optimum body condition and help prevent excessive thinness or obesity. For complete nutrition, make sure the ZuPreem diet or combination of diets being fed makes up at least 80% of what the bird eats every day, especially if the ZuPreem diet is supplemented with other food items. ZuPreem diets have precise levels of essential vitamins and minerals, and adding additional supplements to AvianEntr"es Diets is not required and could be harmful to the bird.




Ground corn, Soybean meal, Dried apples, Dried green peas, Ground wheat, Dried tomatoes, Dried green peppers, Dried red peppers, Wheat germ meal,Vegetable oil, Sucrose, Dicalcium phosphate, Calcium carbonate, Ground vegetables (carrots, celery, beets, watercress, spinach), Iodized salt, DLmethionine, Choline chloride, Ascorbic acid (source of Vitamin C), Natural mixed tocopherols, Rosemary extract, Citric acid, Natural and artificial colors, Manganous oxide, Zinc oxide, Copper sulfate, Calcium iodate, Sodium selenite,Vitamin A supplement,Vitamin D3 supplement,Vitamin E supplement,Vitamin K supplement, Niacin, Calcium pantothenate, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Folic acid, Biotin,Vitamin B12 supplement

Crude Protein Not less than14.00%
Moisture Not greater than10.00%
Crude Fiber Not greater than5.00%
Crude Fat Not less than4.00%


About ZuPreem: The history of ZuPreem started with an idea - an idea whose time had come and an idea that would change the way we look at the role of nutrition in the lives of all animals. The idea was revolutionary and at the same time very simple. It is an idea that has been passed down through three generations from its original founder to its current owner.

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