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Flexi Mini Retractable Cord Leash For Dogs Up To 18lbs.

The Flexi principle..

Is it possible to walk a dog on a leash and give the dog freedom to roam at the same time? Flexi leashes resolve this apparent contradiction in an easy ... Learn More

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The Flexi principle..

Is it possible to walk a dog on a leash and give the dog freedom to roam at the same time? Flexi leashes resolve this apparent contradiction in an easy way. Flexi leads do not trail as they are permanently under slight tension. By means of the brake system you can restrain your dog.

By pressing the brake button with your thumb and a short pull on the lead, you can give short commands to your dog or bring it closer to you. The additional brake lock function allows to permanently fix the leash at the length you require.

A good braking system must be simple and reliable. And the Flexi system, which is harmoniously combined with the overall function of the leash, is precisely that. The brake button and brake lock are ergonomically designed allowing a dog freedom to walk and run while on a leash.

Flexi's dual braking system has been developed over decades to reach its present-day level of perfection

Flexi retractab

* 10ft.Retractable Cord Leash. * For dogs, cats and other small animals up to 18lbs. Remember...It is not just the size of your dog that needs to be considered. The character of your pet is also a decisively important factor for the choice of the right leash.

Notes and Tips On Safety..

It is your responsibility, when walking your dog, to make sure that you have it under control at all times. Just think ahead and consider how your dog is likely to behave in critical situations. In the interest of safety, if there is any reason to anticipate a potential problem with your dog you should have your dog follow you to heel. This is especially the case if other people or animals are close by.
Please be aware of your responsibility as a dog owner, so as to ensure that nobody will be endangered by your dog and the leash.
Never try to grasp the cord/tape or all belt leash, and do not wrap it around any part of the body, or you could risk injuring yourself.
Checking your Flexi leash before use. The cord/tape or all belt must not be damaged or suffer from extreme wear and break-down or come lose. The collar must be in good condition. Should the collar or the leash nonetheless break apart or come loose, please brake the retracting cord/tape or all belt leash immediately, and turn your head away to avoid injury.
The Flexi leash is not suitable for use by children.
The leash must only be used for the purposes for which it has been designed. For reasons of safety, the Flexi leash should only be held in the hand and is not to be attached to stationary objects.
Always observe and monitor the movement of your dog, when walking it with the Flexi leash.
Do not open the casing of the leash, as the springs contained inside may cause injury.




Millions of dog owners worldwide are more than satisfied with this remarkable invention from Germany - flexi retractable leashes. For more than 30 years, flexi's quality products have dramatically improved the daily task of dog walking, making it a pleasure not just another chore.

flexi has the right choice for you. Just simply choose from the extensive range of leashes to find the perfect match for you and your best friend.

flexi -
the leash that won't let you down

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