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Flexi Mini Retractable Cord Leash For Dogs Up To 18lbs.

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The Flexi principle..

Is it possible to walk a dog on a leash and give the dog freedom to roam at the same time? Flexi leashes resolve this apparent contradiction in an easy way. Flexi leads do not trail as they are permanently under slight tension. By means of the brake system you can restrain your dog.

By pressing the brake button with your thumb and a short pull on the lead, you can give short commands to your dog or bring it closer to you. The additional brake lock function allows to permanently fix the leash at the length you require.

A good braking system must be simple and reliable. And the Flexi system, which is harmoniously combined with the overall function of the leash, is precisely that. The brake button and brake lock are ergonomically designed allowing a dog freedom to walk and run while on a leash.

Flexi's dual braking system has been developed over decades to reach its present-day level of perfection

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