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Testing Behavior in Dogs

NYC ASPCA behavior expert Victoria Wells explains how they test dog behavior.

Destructive Behavior in Cats

It is normal for cats to scratch things. They do this to sharpen their claws and exercise their...

Unruly Behaviors in Dogs

Jumping is used to describe when a dog is standing on its rear legs with its front paws on a...

Do veterinarians have a behavior problem?

The more our society turns to pets for comfort and caring, the more pet owners identify problems with their behavior. That’s why veterinarians who specialize in behavior are becoming an increasingly popular addition to the cache of specialists at our disposal.

Ringing in the new year with a howl: On vocalizing behavior in pets

We rang in the new year in South Florida style: A round of stone crabs and a home-made dinner, a group howl with the dogs at my parent's house (you should try this cathartic trick sometime), then some Perrier-Jouet at the Biltmore, a close-up fireworks display and, unexpectedly, a party-crashing escapade courtesy of my sister’s...

Top Ten Pet Behavior Myths All Veterinarians Should Know (Part 2)

Here’s Part 2 of my take on Dr. Valerie Tynes’ great pet behavior myth-busting article, "10 life-threatening behavior myths." For a much lengthier take on each of the issues described below, and in the previous post, be sure to read the entire thing.

Tamar Geller Shares 5 Fascinating Behaviors Dogs Inherit From Wolves

Celebrity dog trainer Tamar Geller spent time studying wolves in the desert. She shares 5 common habits dogs inherited from wolves.

Pet Party Fouls: 7 Embarrassing Behaviors That Ruin Your...

The worst things your pets do when you have company over.

Can raw, meaty bones deliver better teeth AND better behavior?...

Some of you may know that I’ve undergone something of a conversion on the subject of raw in recent years. It’s not that I feed the BARF-style diet you may have heard about (ad nauseum in some cases). I still feed mostly home-cooked with some high-quality commercial supplementation. But I no longer fear the raw—nor the raw meaty...

'Dear Veterinary Client, Thank you for your behavior...or not'

When veterinarians need to blow off some steam, they sometimes post comments to the Veterinary Information Network’s numerous veterinarian-only threads. In some cases, they even pen letters they wish they could have written...to their misbehaving clients.

Jumping, Chewing, Playbiting, and Other Destructive Behavior...

Undesirable behavior exhibited by dogs between puppyhood and adolescence, such as destructive chewing, jumping on people, and play biting, is medically referred to as pediatric behavior problems.

Controlling Your Pet’s Eating Behavior

Some pets eat like they are never going to see food again, gulping it down so fast they barely have time to chew it, let alone taste it. If it seems that your dog or cat is eating meals faster than necessary, and is behaving in an obsessive manner towards the food, there are some methods you can use to modify your pet’s behavior.

Ban the Behavior, Not the Breed

Living in Colorado is great, but unfortunately, the combination of my proximity to Denver and my profession leaves me having to answer questions about that city’s asinine "pit bull" breed ban.

Broward County dangerous dog ordinance: harsh consequences for...

A few days ago, The Miami Herald carried a story on our neighboring county’s new ordinance: Declare a dog “dangerous” after his first offence. Reserve the right to euthanize after the second go-round. This is Broward County’s solution to dogs who kill cats or dogs—or who bite humans.

Top Ten Pet Behavior Myths All Veterinarians Should Know

Yesterday I was researching client resources for animal behavior when I ran across this great myth-busting article, written for veterinarians by veterinary behaviorist Dr. Valerie Tynes back in 2008: 10 life-threatening behavior myths. It’s so good I wonder how I ever missed it.

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