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Cat Behavior: Curb...

That independent kitty who snubs you when you try to pet her could, on occasion, suffer from...

Cat Behavior 101

With a little understanding of the feline "way," you’ll discover their behavior isn't so strange...

Shocking Truths Behind 11...

Ever catch your cat sleeping scrunched up in a tight little ball or pawing at her litter? Get...

Destructive Behavior in Cats

It is normal for cats to scratch things. They do this to sharpen their claws and exercise their feet. It is also normal for cats to spend a lot of time licking themselves, since this is how they clean themselves. When cats scratch or lick the wrong things and do not respond to discouragement, they are diagnosed as having a...

Maternal Behavior Problems in Female Cats

Maternal behavioral problems are classified as either the lack of maternal behavior when dealing with the mother's own young or excessive maternal behavior in the absence of newborn kittens.

Pediatric Behavior Problems in Cats

Pediatric behavior problems refer to undesirable behaviors exhibited by kittens between birth and puberty. The most common problems are related to play, fearfulness, defensive aggression, and elimination (i.e., urinating and defecating in the house, also known as house-soiling).

Honorary Cat Mayor of Alaskan town, Stubbs, Injured in Dog Fight

Stubbs, an honorary feline mayor of an Alaskan town was injured over the weekend in a dogfight not of the political nature.

10 Wacky Cat Breeds

From breeds that look like they’ve stepped off the pages of National Geographic to those that are known to exhibit behaviors of an entirely different species, some cats are in a wonderfully wacky league of their own.

Seven litterbox habits of highly effective cat owners

No, this post is not on clumping vs. non-clumping, scented vs. unscented, organic vs. inorganic, scooping vs. non-scooping, or any other such litter trivia (though your comments on these are always welcome). 

What can be Done to Make Cat Who Attacked Family Nicer?

Lux the Cat, who went over the edge and his family called 911, may be having the Best Week Ever, but what can be done to make him less mean?

Ragdoll Cats and Children Can Become Fast Friends

Sensitive and sweet, Ragdoll cats are drawn to children who treat them well.

Socialization and Your Cat

Socialization is the act of teaching a cat how to be a social animal. Cats who are extremely aloof, who don't have any desire for human or feline contact, or who hiss,scratch or bite anyone who gets near them are considered ill-socialized animals (ferals

The Nocturnal Habits of Cats

What is your cat's nocturnal craziness really all about? Turns out, it’s actually normal for cats to be active at night.

6 Skeptical Cats

Hard as you may try, you know there are times that your cat is pretty skeptical of your feline parenting skills.

Beware- The Dreaded Cat Carrier

It is time to go to the vet, and suddenly Fluffy is nowhere in sight. You just brought the carrier out of the closet, and thought you saw Fluff dive under the bed, so you peer underneath the bed and there she is hunched in the farthest corner hissing at y