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Does PetMD Need More Cat...

Two days in a row and I’ve kept to the cats in my posts. Does that spell a trend? Not...

Health Benefits of...

Cat owners show cats their love by giving treats as well as affection. While your everyday cat...

Joint Health for Your Dog or...

Stuck joints can interfere with your pet's normal activity and cause other health problems, but...

Home Health Exam For Cats

Dr. Kidd shows how to examine your cat at home for possible health issues.

Health Secrets of Poppy, the World's Oldest Cat that Lived to Be...

Read about 24 year old Poppy, the cat who holds the Guinness World Record "World's Oldest Cat"

Dental Health For Cats

Bad breath in cats is a result of serious issues happening in their mouth. Finding just the right type of product for your cat can help prevent serious oral health problems from developing.

Do You Brush Your Cat’s Teeth?

In the interests of full disclosure, I’ll just say it at here at the beginning: I never have brushed any of my cats’ teeth. Not once.

Reproductive Genetic Abnormalities in Cats

Sexual development disorders in cats can occur due to errors in the genetic coding, involving chromosomes responsible for the development of the sex organs - including the gonads (the male and female reproductive organs), or when errors in gene development result in abnormal sexual differentiation, making it difficult to...

Pet Obesity: Health Implications, Recognition, and Weight Management

Do you have a corpulent canine or flabby feline?  Can you determine if your pet is overweight or obese? What can be done to safely promote weight loss and improved health? These are all questions pet owners face in the "Battle of the Bulge: Companion Animal Edition."

Abnormal Protein Production in Cats

In paraproteinemia, abnormal paraproteins (proteins in the blood or urine) or M components are produced by a single clone of plasma cells. Such production of abnormal proteins is commonly seen in plasma cell tumors and in some other types of tumors, as well as in plasma cell myeloma, a cancer of the white blood cells.

Fraidy Cats

You may have picked up from my previous posts that I work in what is primarily a housecall practice. I see a lot of cats, especially those that are absolutely terrified of veterinary visits. I wish I could say that my patients all remain perfectly calm during my visits, but in truth some do figure out that I’m "after them" and...

Fluid in Chest (Pleural Effusion) in Cats

Pleural effusion is the abnormal accumulation of fluid within the chest cavity, which is lined by a membrane -- the pleural lining. This occurs in cats either because too little fluid is being absorbed in the pleural cavity, or because too much fluid is being produced in the pleural cavity.

CPR and Artificial Respiration in Cats

Artificial respiration is an emergency procedure that is performed when a cat is not breathing. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), on the other hand, is performed when a cat is not breathing and does not have a heartbeat. Learn more about Cat CPR Procedure at PetMd.com.

Side Effects of Medications for Anxiety in Cats

Anxiety disorders are common in indoor cats. Signs of anxiety include aggression, elimination outside of the litter box, excessive grooming, and hyperactivity.

Seven litterbox habits of highly effective cat owners

No, this post is not on clumping vs. non-clumping, scented vs. unscented, organic vs. inorganic, scooping vs. non-scooping, or any other such litter trivia (though your comments on these are always welcome). 

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