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Honorary Cat Mayor of Alaskan town, Stubbs, Injured in Dog Fight

Stubbs, an honorary feline mayor of an Alaskan town was injured over the weekend in a dogfight not of the political nature.

5 Celebrity Cats of Instagram!

Celebrities love their pets too! Check out these celebs and their furry friends made famous by instagram.

Playful Paws: Get Your Laughs from These Crazy Cats and Dogs!

Playful Paws: Get Your Laughs from These Crazy Cats and Dogs!

Top 5 Reasons People Should Love Cats

Ah, cats! People seem firmly divided into two camps: love ‘em or hate ‘em. But we think the people in the “hate ‘em camp” miss out on so much more than just the beauty of a cat.

Sushi the Cat Returns Home After Two Years

A cat named Sushi returned home after going missing during a Texas wildfire two years ago. Although spayed, she also brought home a surprise, another kitten.

How Did a Cat Save a Colorado Community from the Floods?

Jezebel, a cat that pounced on her owner's chest to wake him up is credited with saving his life, as well as the lives of renters who were vacationing at his cottages in flood ravaged Colorado.

Playful Paws: 11 Hysterical Cat Memes

Playful Paws: 11 Hysterical Cat Memes

Seven litterbox habits of highly effective cat owners

No, this post is not on clumping vs. non-clumping, scented vs. unscented, organic vs. inorganic, scooping vs. non-scooping, or any other such litter trivia (though your comments on these are always welcome). 

Best Brushes for Cat Coats

Does your cat purr when you brush her coat? Grooming, as you’ve likely heard and discovered for yourself, is an essential part of maintaining your cat's health. And, like any pet maintenance task, being armed with the right tools is crucial.

High School Senior Gets Epic Photo of Cat Accepted into Yearbook

Draven Rodriguez wanted to immortalize his rescue cat named Mr. Bigglesworth. So he took one of the best high school yearbook photos of all time.

Cat Games Online

Give your indoor cat a little something extra to look forward to this summer with these fun cat games that she can play right on your Smartphone or iPad.

Top 5 Fashion Trends for Cats

This year, don’t let your kitty get left behind. Check out some of the most fashionable trends we’ve seen for cats and get ready to purrrrrr-fect your feline’s look.

VIDEO: Dubstep Cat Does 'Slappin da Bass' Impersonation

It looks like this kitty is taking a cue from Paul Rudd’s character in I Love You Man.

WATCH: Chipmunk Beats Up Cat in Funny Video

A chipmunk beats up a cat after escaping from the feline's jaws.

PHOTOS: Rachael Ray Gives Makeovers to Shelter Cats

To kick off her "Shelter Cats are Beautiful" tour, Rachael Ray gave New York City shelter cats a makeover.

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