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Honorary Cat Mayor of...

Stubbs, an honorary feline mayor of an Alaskan town was injured over the weekend in a dogfight not...

Cool or Creepy? New Photo...

"I Know Where Your Cat Lives" is a new website that shows cat photos based on upload location. Is...

Sophie’s choice: Cats vs....

I suffer from allergies and mild asthma related to cat dander, dust mites, exercise, and cold, dry...

Does Your Cat Rule Your World? Take Our Quiz to Find Out

You’re devoted to your cat, or cats, who in turn adore you. You’re the rescuer, giving a wonderful feline critter the chance for a much better life than he or she could have envisioned. But does your cat subtly influence your every move?

Playful Paws: Cats Gathered Around the Christmas Tree

Tis the season to be jolly, and these kitties know it! Take a look at these adorable pics of cats getting into the holiday spirit.

Top 5 Reasons People Should Love Cats

Ah, cats! People seem firmly divided into two camps: love ‘em or hate ‘em. But we think the people in the “hate ‘em camp” miss out on so much more than just the beauty of a cat.

Why Cats Behave Like Cats

A new book gives insight to why cats behave the way they do.

5 Fast Facts on the Javanese Cat

If you’re asking yourself, what is a Javanese, then you’re not alone. The Javanese, however, is not some exotic coffee bean or a destination island in Southeast Asia, but a cat. Here are five other fast facts about the Javanese cat you probably didn't know.

High School Senior Gets Epic Photo of Cat Accepted into Yearbook

Draven Rodriguez wanted to immortalize his rescue cat named Mr. Bigglesworth. So he took one of the best high school yearbook photos of all time.

New Website Lets You Fight Cancer While Watching Cat Videos

But what if you could watch a cute cat video and fight a deadly disease at the same time? Read about a new website that is battling cancer with funny feline antics.

WATCH: Cat Shows Gigantic Snow Pile Who's Boss

Most cats hate the snow, but Rudiger from Canada is handling over four feet of the white stuff like a boss.

An Inside Look at the Life of a Therapy Cat

Therapy dogs are common, but did you know therapy cats also help brighten peoples’ days at nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities?

How to Choose an Experienced Cat Breeder

Are you in search of a purebred cat? Here are some tips on how to pick an experienced cat breeder.

Can Cats and Christmas Trees Co-Exist?

If you have a cat, you know how challenging having a Christmas tree in the house can be. Here are some tips that may help the cause.

5 Fantasy Feline Products to Make Our Cats’ 9 Lives Better

What innovations would help our feline friends enjoy life even more, not to mention, make our lives with them better? Cats might have their own list of Jetsons-age goodies but here are some we’d like to see. Inventors, are you listening?