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Hill’s Pet Nutrition...

Hill’s Pet Nutrition, of Topeka, KS, is voluntarily issuing a pet food recall for a limited...

60 Reasons Why Life with...

Life with a dog is great for oh so many reasons, one of which includes how they help us focus on...

5 Common Dog Illnesses that...

A high quality, well-balanced diet is fundamental to your dog's health, but do you know why? Here...

Pet Owners Confused About Dog and Cat Nutrition, petMD Survey Finds

Understanding how to feed our pets properly is critical to their well being. See why some people are confused.

Dog Food Label Lessons: What is an AAFCO Statement?

When shopping for a dog food, do you ever wonder just what some of the information printed on the label means? Read petMD's series to take out the guess work and demystify pet food labels.

Epilepsy in Dogs

Epilepsy, sometimes called a seizure disorder, is a sudden, involuntary change in behavior, muscle control, consciousness, and/or sensation. A seizure is often accompanied by an abnormal electrical discharge in the brain.

Dr. Kidd: Healthy Holiday Dog Treats

Dr. Kidd offers tips on healthy alternatives for the treats we're tempted to give our dogs during the holidays.

How Chocolate Makes Dogs Sick

You probably know that chocolate can make dogs sick, but do you know why?

Why Grain Free Dog Food May Not Always Be the Best Choice

Choosing a diet for your dog is a task that should not be taken lightly. Grain free and gluten free pet diets have become extremely popular. This popularity has mirrored the appearance of similar products for people.

Using Treats to Train Your Dog

Experts agree that reward based training is the best way to train a dog. Follow these simple tips to make sure that you can teach your dog to behave using food, while maintaining his healthy figure.

How to Switch Dog Foods

Owners can find themselves in the position of having to switch dog foods for any number of reasons. Here's the best way to switch dog foods.

Bow Wow Chow: The Essential Dog Food Guide

Buy dog food or make it yourself, but make it healthy. Here are some important things to add (or not add) to your dog's diet.

Watch Out for these 6 Nutrients in Dog Food

Dietary nutrients provide our pets the nourishment essential for their growth and wellbeing. There are, however, some essential nutrients that can actually do more harm than good for dogs if fed in excess amounts. Pay extra attention to these nutrien

Health Benefits of Functional Dog Treats

Giving your dog treats is a sign of affection, but you can also make it part of a healthy diet by using functional dog treats that have supplemental nutrition.

Electrolyte Disturbance in Dogs

In patients that are being treated with insulin for diabetic ketoacidosis (a condition in which the body burns fatty acids and produces acidic ketone bodies in response to insulin shortage)