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Strategies for Saving Money on Pet Food

In past years, consumer experts have encouraged pet owners to save money by purchasing pet food in bulk, by using store circulars to capture weekly deals, by clipping coupons from the Sunday paper, and more. Although I do many of these things to save money on pet food, I also implement these cost savings strategies.

Dog Food Label Lessons: What is an AAFCO Statement?

When shopping for a dog food, do you ever wonder just what some of the information printed on the label means? Read petMD's series to take out the guess work and demystify pet food labels.

Xylitol and recalled pet foods share a root: poor communication

You may not remember the Xylitol thing. It’s the artificial sweetener now known to cause liver failure in dogs. (See my post from last October.) This past Monday, USA Today published an article on this recently discovered toxin alongside the pet food recall announcement.

Is it OK to Play Switcheroo with Your Pet Foods?

Do you switch your pet’s food around? Here's a veterinarian's point of view on the subject of changing pet food.

Nestlé Purina Recalls Purina One beyOnd Chicken & Whole Barley Dog...

Nestlé Purina issued a voluntary recall on a limited number of Purina ONE beyOnd Our White Meat Chicken & Whole Barley Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food.

Cat Scratching? Here's How Pet Food Can Help

You're probably tired of seeing your cat constantly scratch, bite, or lick herself, but there are often things that can be done to help. One possible key: cat food.

Franken-animals poised to enter the Franken-food supply

Ever wondered what constitutes a “Franken-animal”? (No, Maltie-Poo and Shi-Corgis need not apply.)

Foods That Are Poisonous to Your Dog or Cat!

We want you to be best educated on what kitchen foods pose a threat to your pets, learn about the top 10 foods that are poisonous to your dog or cat.

Eat Your Food: Weruva

Is Weruva willing to take the Pet360 taste test? Watch to find out!

Why Grain Free Dog Food May Not Always Be the Best Choice

Choosing a diet for your dog is a task that should not be taken lightly. Grain free and gluten free pet diets have become extremely popular. This popularity has mirrored the appearance of similar products for people.

5 Ways to Know Your Cat Food is Worth the Money

It’s not wrong to want to save money on certain things to enjoy other luxuries, but does it really make sense to skimp on your cat’s food and get the “cheap” brand? Definitely not! Your cat is a wonderful friend and deserves a meal that will help keep him or her healthy for many years to come. The question then becomes how will...

Pet Food Recall redux: It's corporate vet medicine versus the...

Though I'm loath to admit it, the Pet Food Recall (in caps, now) has made a hero (for me, at least) of the one outfit vets love to hate: Banfield, The Pet Hospital. In case you live outside the US (or in a Banfield-free pet zone), let me first explain that this is a group of 600-plus hospitals once owned by PetSmart and now run...

How to Switch Dog Foods

Owners can find themselves in the position of having to switch dog foods for any number of reasons. Here's the best way to switch dog foods.

Cat Not Eating? Maybe Your Pet Food Smells or Tastes Bad

While many cats will accept new foods, your cat may have certain preferences to the taste, texture, and smell of the food.

Consumer Reports on pet food...a preview

Ever thought you’d look to the pages of a mass-market magazine for advice on feeding your pets?