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Dog Rescue Spotlight on...

As an employee at an animal hospital, Todd Speciale has seen his fair share of shelter dogs. It...

How to Give Your New Shelter...

Often when many of us adopt a new shelter pet, it is to fill a void in our lives and in our homes....

6 Ways Our Dogs Keep Us Young

While raising a dog can be stressful it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences you can...

Why Giving New Pets as Holiday Gifts Is a Bad Idea

For unprepared recipients, the novelty of that cute puppy or kitten soon wears off.

Carter and Toby: Adorable Photos Show Bond Between Baby and Dog

Toby, a rescue dog from Indianapolis, is best friends with his baby brother Carter. These photos will melt your heart.

Builders are Creating Custom Suites for Pets in New Homes

Some builders are tailoring new home floor plans to include custom suites for homeowner's pets.

The Transition Process: From Pet Parent to Pet Parent with New Child

As a recent new proud father of a baby boy, many pet parents have asked me what the transition has been like from pet parent to pet parent with new child. After about 5 months now, I feel like I have been gaining some pretty good knowledge as to how to answer the questions that arise surrounding a new child in the house with a...

NBC’s The New Normal Teaches Viewers One Way to Handle Bloat

NBC’s The New Normal is one of my favorite shows due to its semi-realistic portrayal of a modern, blended, professional family and its quick-witted humor. While watching an episode aptly titled Dog Children, I was struck by the circumstance in which the two lead characters, Bryan (Andrew Rannels) and David (Justin Bartha) find...

Meet Lady Gaga's Adorable New French Bulldog

Pop superstar Lady Gaga has an adorable new pet! Asia, her French Bulldog, is already taking Instagram by storm. But what health issues may be ahead for Asia?

Introducing a New Puppy to a Household with a Cat

How to safely introduce a new puppy to your cat.

Introducing Your New Dog to Your Resident Dog

Learn how to introduce your new dog to your home's resident dog here.

A New Addition to the Pet360 Family

Exciting news! We have not one - but two - new additions to the Pet360 family! In just the last week, two of our team members adopted from our local SPCA and just in time for the holidays.

Are You Ready to be a Responsible Dog Owner?

It’s important to consider a variety of issues before bringing a dog into your life.

WATCH: Adorable Dog Gives Baby Crawling Lessons

Buddy steps in to help his human sister learn how to crawl in this adorable YouTube video.

Compassion Fatigue: The New Buzzword in Vet Medicine

Euthanizing pets takes its toll. No one likes to do it but some of us deal with it better than others. My best friend, also a vet, cringes at the experience and it stays with him for days afterwards. I’m far more resilient on this front, partly because I do it far more often than he does. In part, I suspect he shaped his career...