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Dog Rescue Spotlight on...

As an employee at an animal hospital, Todd Speciale has seen his fair share of shelter dogs. It...

NBC’s The New Normal Teaches...

NBC’s The New Normal is one of my favorite shows due to its semi-realistic portrayal of a modern,...

Are You Ready to be a...

It’s important to consider a variety of issues before bringing a dog into your life.

Miley Cyrus Welcomes New Dog Emu Into Family

Miley Cyrus showed off her new dog Emu, a collie, on Instagram.

Two New Dog Breeds Join AKC Family

The Coton de Tulear and Wirehaired Vizsla dog breeds have officially been recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Britney Spears's New Puppy: Lifelong Family Member or Latest Trend?

Twitter was all abuzz last week with news that Britney Spears got a new puppy that she named Hannah Spears. Does Spears keep her dogs? If so, where are the others photographed with her over the years?

WATCH: Funny Dachshund Steals Spotlight From Baby

YouTube user Emily Loudermilk was attempting to take a video of her adorable toddler playing, but the family dachshund didn't want to share the spotlight.

Introducing New Kitten to Home

Best Way to Introduce a New Kitten. Your life with your new kitten begins on the ride home. First, cats should always be transported in some kind of carrier in the car and than the fun begins!

Why Giving New Pets as Holiday Gifts Is a Bad Idea

For unprepared recipients, the novelty of that cute puppy or kitten soon wears off.

Bringing up baby: Can feral cats ever go home again?

It’s a tough subject; one you might be surprised to hear gets plenty of play among those of us who spay and neuter lots of cats. Because while these specimens might be rough-looking and impressively aggressive, feral felines are not always the devil-cats they appear to be.

Wisdom for New Dog Owners from the Experts

As you prepare to bring a dog into your home there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Get Walking! New App Lets You Take Steps to Help Shelter Animals

With busy schedules and time-crunched family lives, finding the time to volunteer at local shelters and fundraise for animals is hard. But a new app called ResQwalk is setting out to make animal rescue a simple part of people’s everyday lives.

An Unbreakable Bond: 9 Heartwarming Friendships Between Babies and...

Here are our favorite stories of heartwarming friendship between babies and their pets.

How to Give Your New Shelter Pet a Fresh Start with a Clean House

Often when many of us adopt a new shelter pet, it is to fill a void in our lives and in our homes. A move from a shelter to a new home represents a clean start for the animal but it’s also a time for you to make a clean start. Learn how this week in Bark and Purrtect.

The Transition Process: From Pet Parent to Pet Parent with New Child

As a recent new proud father of a baby boy, many pet parents have asked me what the transition has been like from pet parent to pet parent with new child. After about 5 months now, I feel like I have been gaining some pretty good knowledge as to how to answer the questions that arise surrounding a new child in the house with a...

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