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The Luxurious Lifestyles of...

Do celebrity pets lead lifestyles that are more extraordinary than their non-celebrity...

Honorary Cat Mayor of...

Stubbs, an honorary feline mayor of an Alaskan town was injured over the weekend in a dogfight not...

WATCH: Dog Cries Like a Baby...

Nobody can get over Mufasa's death from "The Lion King," including this adorable Pug and Chihuahua...

Lending an Ear

Vaunne Alden and her rescue dog Alfred help kids learn to read.

Top Dog Hiking Gear for Outdoor Adventures

Hiking with your dog can be a great way to bond, but it’s important to bring along the proper gear for your pooch to ensure his (and your) safety on your great adventure.

How to Survive on Pet Sitter Pay

Pet sitting is a fun cash job where you can do what you love, but it’s not likely you’ll make enough money to pay the bills when you’re just getting started. Before you take the plunge and quit your day job to pet sit full-time, get your Golden Retrievers in a row.

Dealing with Common Pet Sitter Challenges

Pet sitting assignments can quickly turn into challenging situations. The goal is to be prepared.

Best Breeds to Bring to a BBQ

We’ve asked the American Kennel Club to share their picks for the best breeds to bring to a picnic or barbecue, along with a few tips for introducing your pup to a new environment and commands to keep in mind in a party environment.

WATCH: This Rescue of Two Dog Best Friends Will Melt Your Heart

Monica and Chandler were found together on the streets of Los Angeles. See their amazing rescue story.

Lil’ Angel or Lil’ Devil?

Do you have an angelic pet that’s capable of doing devilish deeds? I sure do! That’s why I had so much fun decking my Louis out as a cute lil’ devil with our new Facebook app. You’ll have a blast dressing your pet up as a lil’ angel, lil’ devil or even a lil’ of both!

Holiday Gifts for Pets, Pt. 2: Dog and Pet People Giving

OK, so you only have a few days left to shop for your faithful, furry friend. Here's what you should get.

What Breed of Dog is Being Toted Around by Amanda Bynes?

A woman having a strong physical resemblance to Amanda Bynes was recently photographed walking the streets of New York City holding a petite and fluffy companion canine. But the real question is, was it really Bynes strolling the streets of NYC?

Cool or Creepy? New Photo Website Pinpoints Where Your Cat Lives

"I Know Where Your Cat Lives" is a new website that shows cat photos based on upload location. Is it a cool new tool or a weird invasion of privacy?

Never Buy a Dog on Impulse

Owning a dog is a lifetime responsibility, and that an impulsive decision to buy a dog is most often a big mistake.

How Did Lance Bass' Foster Dog Lose an Eye?

It’s great to see celebrities using their notoriety to benefit the welfare of animals. Even better is when these well-known individuals engage in social media (which is free and wide-reaching) to help find adoptive homes for animals in need. Recently, Lance Bass posted a photo of himself and a cute one-eyed dog on his Instagram...