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Litter Training From The Start

How to potty train your kitten correctly right from the start.

Kitten Training: Litter Box

For anyone heading down the weary road of littler box training, we thought we’d put together a...

Toilet Training Cats … Really?

My husband is out of town on business right now. He claims the only reason I even notice he’s gone...

Pick of the Litter: The Best Dog Trainers

If you've decided that your dog is in need of specialized training in order to make him act better, respond faster and generally develop better obedience, then it's time to find a dog trainer. Discover the secrets to finding that "right for the dog and y

Training Your Cat Not to Mark

Here's how to discourage your cat from the destructive habits she uses to mark her territory.

Urinating Outside the Litter Box and Wandering Away from Home in...

Cats communicate with each other in various ways. One of the primary ways is through scent. Each cat's urine and feces (stool) has a unique scent, so that when a cat urinates or defecates in a specific location, it is communicating with other cats that may come along later.

10 Things to Consider Before Bringing a New Pet Home

There are a few things to consider before you even start looking into pet adoption. Here are 10 of them.

Litterbox Issues

Cats are very clean animals that love habit, so when your furry little friend starts going to the bathroom in places other than the litterbox you can rest assured that something isn't right. This problem could range from a serious health problem such as a

Why Cats Scratch

Cats don't scratch just to ruin items in your home, your cat needs to scratch for multiple reasons.

"The Cat Whisperer" Giveaway Official Rules

If you're cat has litter box issues, you may need professional help to solve the problem. Enter to win a one hour phone consult with cat behaviorist Mieshelle Nagelschneider and receive a signed copy of her new book, "The Cat Whisperer!"

Motherly Love 2.0

A stray dog caring for young human babies. A mother tiger taking orphaned piglets as her own. Do animals have as strong of a maternal instinct as humans? Perhaps it's even stronger.

How to Toilet Train a Cat

Tired of that stinky litter box? Follow these tips to teach your cat how to use the bathroom toilet!

Inter-cat Aggression

Bringing a new cat into a home where there is already a cat, or cats, can cause some problems -- both passive and active aggression.

Kitten Checklist: Getting off to a Great Start

Few life events are as exciting a new kitten. Here are a few cat supplies to help you with the journey.

Why does my Cat do This?

Living with a cat is always an adventure, if one takes the time to observe, to reflect, and to wonder about some of the fascinating behaviors displayed in the course of a single day by a kitten or a cat!!

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