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Litter Training From The Start

How to potty train your kitten correctly right from the start.

Kitten Training: Litter Box

For anyone heading down the weary road of littler box training, we thought we’d put together a...

Urinating Outside the Litter...

Cats communicate with each other in various ways. One of the primary ways is through scent. Each...

Toilet Training Cats … Really?

My husband is out of town on business right now. He claims the only reason I even notice he’s gone is because I have to take back the litter box scooping duties while he’s gone. That’s not true; I am also irked by having to mow the lawn and take out the garbage. (I’m kidding, honey!)

Training Your Cat Not to Mark

Here's how to discourage your cat from the destructive habits she uses to mark her territory.

Pick of the Litter: The Best Dog Trainers

If you've decided that your dog is in need of specialized training in order to make him act better, respond faster and generally develop better obedience, then it's time to find a dog trainer. Discover the secrets to finding that "right for the dog and y

Are You and Your Puppy Mismatched?

You’ve decided to add a puppy to your family. How do you go about finding the right one?

How to Socialize a Puppy

Forming a healthy attachment to humans and other dogs is crucial for the social development of a puppy.

House Soiling (Marking, Spraying) by Cats

Urine marking is a primal urge, but if you have trained your cat to use the litter box, and it continues to mark the home or squat and urinate any place except the litter box, there may be something else going on.

Teaching Kids to Play Nice with Cats

You can teach your cat to allow himself to be poked and pulled at, or teach your child to be more respectful of the cat’s personal space, body, and feelings.

What To Do About Common Urinary Problems in Cats

Inappropriate urination is one of the most common problem behaviors observed in cats and one of the most common reasons cats are abandoned at shelters.

Inter-cat Aggression

Bringing a new cat into a home where there is already a cat, or cats, can cause some problems -- both passive and active aggression.

10 Kitten Supplies to Add to Your Checklist

Make sure you have these kitten supplies on hand before you’re distracted by a licking ball of fur.

Kitten Checklist: Getting off to a Great Start

Few life events are as exciting a new kitten. Here are a few cat supplies to help you with the journey.

The scoop on litterboxes and 7 healthy habits you should adopt

Got a cat with an indoor-only lifestyle? Great choice! But what does that mean for your litterbox?