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How to Identify Common...

Today, our cats are living longer than ever before. We’re also seeing age-related conditions that...

How to Tell if Your Online...

These days it’s easy to find information on just about any topic with the push of a button. After...

Tips for Caring for Senior...

Senior cats have different needs than their younger brethren. Here are some tips for caring for...

Primal Pet Foods Issues Recall of Raw Cat Food

Primal Pet Foods, a California-based pet food manufacturer, has announced the voluntary recall of a single lot of Feline Turkey Raw Frozen Cat Food due to reports of low thiamine levels in the food.

Dog Food Shopping Guide

Which one of the many options of dog food out there is the right one for your pooch? Click through our slideshow and we’ll help you figure it out in no time.

6 Signs it’s Time to Change Your Dog’s Food

Choosing a dog food can be a painstaking process — so much so that some of us stick with buying the same pet food for our dog’s entire life.

How to Tell if Your Online Cat Food Search is Accurate

These days it’s easy to find information on just about anything on the Web. But can you trust the info?

How to Keep Your Senior Cat from Destroying Your Home (and Vice...

Cat proofing your home to accommodate your senior cat will make both of you comfortable in her senior phase.

Senior Cats: A Few Things To Keep In Mind

Caring for a senior cat is really no more difficult than caring for a kitten or an adult cat -- but there are a few things you should watch for.

How to Keep Your Senior Dog from Destroying Your Home (and Vice...

Senior dogs naturally become less physically agile and mentally sharp. Dog proofing your home to accommodate these changes will make both you and your senior dog more comfortable

5 Senior Dog Diseases You Need to Know

Life passes quickly, especially when you’re a dog. The frolicking puppy brought home from the humane society just a few short years ago matures into a mellow senior in what seems like the blink of an eye. Fortunately, as veterinary medicine has improved, so has our ability to identify and manage some of the most common health...

Senior Moments: Keeping Your Older Cat Young At Heart

Whether you’ve been owned by a cat from his earliest days into his later years, or you’ve adopted an older feline, there are rewards in living with a senior cat.

Five Tips for Perfect Play with Cat Food-Filled Puzzle Feeders

Our fancy feline fur-friends can be frivolously foolish when it comes to playing with or hunting for their favorite kitty-cat treats and fresh foodies. And it’s no different when there’s a game involved, particularly when you have a puzzle feeder.

Senior Cat Shopping Guide

We’ve rounded up all of the senior-formulated items you’ll need for your older cat, plus tips on the easiest ways to shop.

What is a 'Balanced' Dog Food?

Balance is important in every area of our pets' lives, but it’s probably most critical in their nutrition.