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Ewww ... Worms

Is there anything grosser than worms? Even as a veterinarian they disgust me.

Worms We May Share With Pets

Common worms, like roundworms and hookworms, can cause illnesses in both pets and people.

The Return of the Worm

Resistance to "anthelmintics" — drugs that kill parasitic worms — is becoming an ever bigger...

Parasitic Stomach Worm (Ollulanis) Infection Cats

Ollulanis infection is a parasitic worm infection that occurs mainly in cats. It is caused by Ollulanus tricuspis, which spreads in the environment through the vomit of other infected hosts and goes on to take up residence in the stomach lining.

Ewww ... Worms, Part 2

What has six razor sharp teeth and sucks your pup’s blood? No, it is not a Halloween nightmare! It is a hookworm. We are continuing to talk about pesky intestinal worms (see last week’s blog about roundworms). This week we are going to finish up with hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms, and an essential behavior that all pups should...

Stomach Worm Infection (Physalopterosis) in Dogs

Physalopterosis is an infection of the gastrointestinal tract, caused by the parasitic organism Physaloptera spp. Typically, only a few worms are present; in fact, single worm infections are common.

Intestinal Worms in Dogs and Cats

The four types of intestinal parasites commonly seen in both dogs and cats are tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms, and roundworms. Find out what symptoms to be on the lookout for when it comes to your pet and intestinal parasites.

Alternative Proteins for Pet Foods: Of Insects, Worms and Lab...

In case you don’t know this about me I have a thing about where my pets’ food comes from. I want it to be healthy, wholesome and biologically appropriate to their species, of course, but I also care about the protein itself: Was it sustainably sourced? Humanely raised? Humanely slaughtered?

Intestinal Worms in Dogs (and Cats) 101

Learn about the different types of worms in dogs (and cats) here ... roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms. Your veterinarian can check your pet's stool sample to be certain pets do not harbor intestinal parasites.

Stomach Worm Infection (Physalopterosis) in Cats

Physalopterosis is caused by the organism Physaloptera spp., a parasite that can infect a cat's gastrointestinal tract. Typically, only a few worms are present; in fact, single worm infections are common.

Worms in paradise: On hookworm larvae, freaked Floridians and...

South Beach, FL may be a perfect winter destination, except the trouble in the sand. To be precise, it's a cat poo problem.

A Puppy Parasite Primer

It’s a little hot in the Dallas, Texas area this week. The high today is 111 degrees. While looking at the forecast, my husband pointed out that on Monday, things are expected to cool to a nice 105. "Sweater weather!" he said.

Ringworm in Dogs

Ringworm is a fungal infection of your dog’s skin. As the fungus multiplies, the lesions may become irregularly shaped and spread over the dog’s body.

6 Kitten Health Issues to Watch For

Congratulations on bringing a new kitten home. Still, you may be a bit nervous. After all, there are some illnesses that are common to new pets — especially kittens. Below are six common illnesses to look out for. Just remember that your kitten is less likely to contract one if you feed her a healthy diet. Good food will help her...

Giardia in Dogs

Most healthy dogs with giardia will have mild diarrhea. See what else you should look out for and how giardia is treated.