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Extreme Fear and Anxiety in...

Fear is the instinctual feeling of apprehension resulting from a situation, person, or object...

Universities Help Ease...

Is anyone surprised that offering puppy therapy during finals is a big success?

Side Effects of Medications...

Anxiety disorders are common in indoor cats. Signs of anxiety include aggression, elimination...

Common Cat Calming Aids

Cat calming aids have been known to curb kitty stress-induced behaviors like urine marking and excessive scratching, which can make your life with a scared kitty that much easier.

Calming Collars for Dogs with Anxiety

A calming collar contains chemicals that mimic the pheromones released by a dog’s mother when the pups are nursing. These mimicked pheromones should cause a sense of calm.

Anxiety and Compulsive Disorders in Cats

This is a behavioral disorder where a cat will engage in repetitive, exaggerated behaviors that are seemingly without purpose. For example, grooming to the extent that fur is rubbed off; compulsive pacing; repetitive vocalizations; and eating, sucking, or chewing on fabric.

Pet Anxiety and the Heart in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Valentine's Day conjures up the classic image of a smooth bordered, crimson heart. Are we wrong?

Dog Anxiety Causes and Treatment Options

BOOM! The thunder crashes and there goes Carlos, running as fast as he can to my side and digging under the blanket. This is typical behavior for Carlos when he hears a loud noise. The same thing happens when we’re in the car and a semi-truck pulls up besides us. Does this situation sound familiar to you? Where does this anxiety...

Calming Signals in Dogs and How We Can Use Them

We all know that dogs can’t talk. What they do rely on is body language — lots and lots of body language.

Separation Anxiety - Pet360 Community Tips and Tricks

Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety? Get our free Pet360 Community Guide ebook on treating separation anxiety in dogs and learn our tips and tricks with dealing with this tough behavioral problem.

Dog Separation Anxiety and Treatment Options

Separation anxiety in dogs usually are destructive or otherwise inappropriate when an owner leaves the pet or is not in close proximity. Behaviors that may be seen include vocalization, destroying objects, digging or even depression.

Animal Travel Anxiety Approaches Volcanic Extremes in Europe

This great headline jumped out at me from last week’s breakfast table: "Stranded in Transit, These Travelers Howl, Hiss and Whinny." On the front page of The Wall Street Journal (in the gee-whiz human interest square below the fold) came this discussion of what it means to be four-legged and stranded in Europe following the...

Cat Behavior: Curb Separation Anxiety

That independent kitty who snubs you when you try to pet her could, on occasion, suffer from separation anxiety in cats. Find out if that's the case.

Does Your Pup Have Separation Anxiety?

On the second day that we had Pete, our new dog, I noticed that he followed me everywhere I went. When I took a shower, he was there. If I walked outside to get something out of my car, he was there. If I turned around too quickly, I would trip over him.

Take the Edge Off Separation Anxiety with Medication?

Dog drugs aren’t as bad as they sound. For my Yorkie, Dash, separation anxiety medication might give us the chance we need at a stable life together.