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Wisdom for New Dog Owners...

As you prepare to bring a dog into your home there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Is Vick a New Dog Owner?

If you haven’t heard by now, Michael Vick may very well be a dog owner again. Last week, Vick...

A New Study Shows That Dogs...

A study conducted by a research team at the University of Tokyo reveals that dogs tend to yawn...

Dog Rescue Spotlight on Hennessy

As an employee at an animal hospital, Todd Speciale has seen his fair share of shelter dogs. It all changed with Hennessy.

10 Things to Consider Before Bringing a New Pet Home

There are a few things to consider before you even start looking into pet adoption. Here are 10 of them.

Where Can I Adopt a Dog?

So you’ve done some soul searching and decided you definitely want a dog. You know the size and type of dog that best fits your lifestyle, and you’ve even dog proofed your home. You have a leash, a collar, toys; all that’s missing is the actual dog itself. Now what?

Cleaning the Ears and Eyes: A How-To Guide for Puppies (and Dogs)

There is often no harder grooming task than cleaning a puppy’s ears and eyes. However, it is important that you take the time and effort to do this, as your puppy can easily develop infections if proper care is not observed. Below, an easy grooming guide for both.

Choosing the Best Feeding Method for Your Dog

Nurturing a dog is not as easy at it looks from the outside. Suddenly, you find yourself fretting over collars, shampoos, treats... Once you have finally picked the right food, then you have to decide which method of feeding you are going to use. There are two main methods, both of which have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Are You Ready to be a Responsible Dog Owner?

It’s important to consider a variety of issues before bringing a dog into your life.

Dog Retraining Basics

Dog retraining techniques for house-soiling dogs are very similar to the techniques used to house train a puppy. The key to effective dog retraining is constant supervision, confinement, and crating.

How to Clean a Dog Bed

Dog beds collect dirt, mud, drool, fur, insects, and more. Cleaning the bedding regularly can keep you and your dog healthier by eliminating microbes, allergens, and fleas. In fact, washing your dog’s bedding is one of the simplest ways to help protect your home from a flea infestation.

4 Safety Tips for Nightime Dog Walking

Bright lights and no distractions are the keys to keeping you and your dog safe.

Can Dogs and Cats Live Together?

Can cats and dogs live together? Do cats and dogs even get along? It may seem like a silly question, but one worth evaluating.

Canine Coronavirus Infection in Dogs

A canine coronavirus infection (CCV) is a highly contagious intestinal disease that can be found in dogs all around the world. This particular virus is specific to dogs, both wild and domestic.

Ready For a Pet? Top 4 Tips To Choosing the Perfect Dog

Any day is a good day to decide to get a dog. What’s not to love about dogs? They’re friendly, furry, loving, loyal, and make you very happy. The only thing is, what kind of dog to get? And, do you get a mutt or a purebred?

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