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VIDEO: Amazing Blind Dog Kellar Plays Fetch

Kellar, an English Springer Spaniel who was born blind, can still run and play fetch with the best of them.

VIDEO: Dubstep Cat Does 'Slappin da Bass' Impersonation

It looks like this kitty is taking a cue from Paul Rudd’s character in I Love You Man.

Dog Welcomes Home Military Pet Parent (VIDEO)

Watch as a dog welcomes home her military pet parent.

WATCH: Chipmunk Beats Up Cat in Funny Video

A chipmunk beats up a cat after escaping from the feline's jaws.

Waffles the Terrible's Epic Fail (FUNNY CAT VIDEO)

Waffles, a cat whose video has went viral for the feline's lack of athletic ability, may not make the Winter Olympics, but the video has entertained over 7 million.

Elf the Movie Pug Parody (FUNNY VIDEO)

If you liked the elf movie, you'll love this parody starring pugs.

New Week ... New Outlook ... New Format ... New Videos (Thanks,...

Last week sucked. Vincent had to have two CTs, a myelogram, and finally, back surgery to remove the pressure on his swollen spinal cord. (More on this, tomorrow.) Then my iPhone got stolen. My car’s AC died in the Miami heat. I misplaced my driver’s license. And finally, lightning literally struck, resulting in one exploding...

Dachshund Vs. Penguin Toy (CUTE VIDEO)

A cute Dachshund had no idea what to do with this equally as cute stuffed penguin toy.

Beating the Odds: Amazing Dog Rescue Stories (VIDEO)

Dogs and iced covered bodies of water can be a deadly combination, but at least two dogs found Christmas miracles in being rescued during this holiday season.

Video of the Week: The Romantic Sloth

If you haven't yet seen the most adorable video there is of Matty, the baby sloth, gifting his visitor with a single flower petal, you need to.

VIDEO: Dogs and a Cat Get 'Happy' at the Beach

Animal trainer Robert Dollwet takes a group of dogs and a courageous cat to the beach to remix Pharrell's song "Happy."

Pet360 Welcome Video

Pet360 Welcome Video

Cute Alert: Dogs Go Crazy in Leaves (VIDEOS)

Watch dogs go crazy in leaves.

Video: Ragdoll Kitten Goes Limp

The Ragdoll cat breed is known for being able to completely relax when held.

Video: Cutest Kid and Dog Ever Teach Us About Puppy Mills

Kudos to the ASPCA for their positive No Pet Store Puppies video, starring adorable Molly and her dog Joey.

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