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Rocker Chrissie Hynde's New...

Chrissie Hynde's new video for the single "You or No One" documents the love between a man and his...

Video: Corgi ‘Talks’ to Cat

What is this Corgi trying to say? A pet behaviorist weighs in.

New Website Lets You Fight...

But what if you could watch a cute cat video and fight a deadly disease at the same time? Read...

VIDEO: Rescued Lab Beagles Experience Freedom for the First Time

Recently the Beagle Freedom Project rescued nine beagles from lab life in Las Vegas. This is their first time outside.

Dog Welcomes Home Military Pet Parent (VIDEO)

Watch as a dog welcomes home her military pet parent.

What Could be Cuter Than a Kitten and a Hedgehog? (FUNNY VIDEO)

What Could be Cuter Than a Kitten and a Hedgehog? (FUNNY VIDEO)

Playful Paws: 13 Videos of Hilarious Pups

Playful Paws: 13 Videos of Hilarious Pups

10 Funny “Pet Versus” Videos

Need a workday pick-me-up? Check these videos of cats and dogs battling various foods, household items and even each other.

WATCH: Dachshunds Say 'I Do' in Adorable Wedding Video

These two adorable dogs had a nicer wedding than you did. Watch their sweet nuptials.

VIDEO: Spider-Cat Shows Off Amazing Climbing Skills

Spiderman has nothing on this door-climbing cat.

Pet360 Welcome Video

Pet360 Welcome Video

Squirrel Hides Nut in Fur of Bernese Mountain Dog (CUTE VIDEO)

Squirrels and dogs typically don't love each other, but in this household, Jax the dog apparently doesn't mind when Wally the squirrel tries to hide his nuts in the dog's fur.

Dog Welcomes U.S. Airman Home After Deployment (VIDEO)

This week in With Love and Wags, watch a joyful reunion between a U.S. Airman and his dog after a long separation.

How about a PetCam? Video your pet while you're away'¦for his...

I know it sounds silly but I really want a PetCam. With one of these doohickeys I can watch my pooch Vincent hang out at home all day long while I’m at work with the better-behaved (but cage-bound) Sophie Sue. If he does cute things while I’m out I can log on and watch him sleep in cockroach pose, make his favorite squirrel...

Video: Shark Cat Meets Shark Baby and It's Magical

The original Shark Cat meets his baby counterpart and it's amazing.