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indoor potty training an already outdoor trained Chi

I just adopted my furbaby, my first Chi. I was told Baby is about 2 years old and I know she is housebroke, to go outside. However, I live in an upstairs apartment so I am trying to train her to use a puppy pad. Any ideas on how to make this easy on both of us would be wonderful. Thanks!

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Force-based training caused a dog to die (news article)

This very long and detailed blog post on Victoria Stilwell's Positively blog details the death of a dog due to the tools used by force/aversive based trainers.   https://positively.com/contributors/a-dog-died-today-because-of-a-trainer/   What are your thoughts on this article, and the use of aversive and forcefull tools in order to...

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inexpensive obedience training

If love to get some training for her , but I don't know of anyonethat train. Can someone please help me

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Belt loop leash training for Abby Good or Bad?

So, I was wondering how many people have tried the training technique where you put your dog on the leash in the house and tie the leash to your belt loop to make them follow you around the house so that they behave themselves?           I tried that with Abby today so she would stay out of...

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Does anyone else have a Chihuahua that wont go on a puppy pad. Every time i let him out he runs down the road and if we put a leash on him he whines like someone is beating him, so we have been using puppy pads but he likes going on the trash bags or something. And he chases off the other dogs and our cat. One day he ran off my mutt. It was kind...

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Muddy Toe Training

We have just adopted our Pit Grizz a week ago. He was picked up on the streets close to Chicago. He has never been inside a house before and has never been around people. He is doing really well and is already potty trained, he is shy but is allowing us to touch him and he really likes it. The problem is that with the rain coming I need to train...

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Airplane Training

Does anyone have tips on how to train your dog to be comfortable in an airplane under the seat carrier, and go on a plane in general? 

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Foster Quesaion Training orphan kittens?

I am currently fostering a pair of orphan kittens that according to the vet is 4-5 weeks old. I had to get them to solid food because they were having trouble with a bottle. I feed these little girls and they have no manners. They get their paws in it and walk all over their food. They act like they are starving. yesterday I took them to the...

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Morgan's Group training

Here is quick snipit of Morgans Group training. She has come a long way in the past 5 months. her goal is to stay in the down until I call her. This has been a bit difficult for Morgan but she is figuring it out.

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Training for Truffles

Hellow everyone. Morgan and I are starting professional training this week. (Thursday) We would like to share some miles stones with you as we go along. Hope you enjoy our adventure as much as we do. come back to this post every so often to check up on our progress. I have attached a video of Morgan during her 1st faze of scent training for...

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RE-training my two adult pugs - help!

Hello! I need help with a pug potty problem!!<br><br>My husband and I have two pugs - one 6 year old fawn female and a 4 year old black male - both altered and in good health. We had a baby 3 years ago and everyone has adjusted fine to that change. The black pug (Napoleon) and our son are best friends actually. Here is the...

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Your most useful training exercise - what is it?

There are so many things we can teach our dogs - but what do you find to be the most useful? For me it is probably "Wait." I can use this to make my dogs stop before crossing a street, stop in an emergency (running towards something they shouldn't, chasing something), stop heading towards that piece of food I dropped, or not jump up on someone....

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house training a beagle puppy

My 4 month old Beagle puppy, Daisy was doing well with house training. She was using the pads if she couldnt make it in time outside and at night, and most of the time going to the door when she had to go out. Here in the last week or so it's as if she forgot everything she learned!! She now uses her pad in the house every once in a while, and...

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Let's Talk about Using Squirt Bottles for Training Cats

Good morning kitty fans! One of the most popular (but misunderstood) training aids is the old squirt bottle. Since it doesn't really "hurt" the cat who is "misbehaving", is easy to keep on hand to use in a nano-second" often folks think that using a squirt bottle is a panacea in controlling unwanted kitty conduct. The problem is, cats...

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Training my pit bull to heel

I have been trying to train my pit bull to heel without the use of any negative reinforcement, but she shows no interest in treats once we are outside, are there any other methods I can try?

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