About Us

Our Promise:A first-rate pet resource. On a first-name basis.

Imagine having an entire world of pet care—from expert tips and knowledgeable advice to the latest and greatest pet food, treats, toys and gear to an active community of pet parents—all tailored to your pets’ exact needs. You don’t need to imagine it. Pet360 delivers this level of customization every time you visit.

Pet parenting gets a whole lot simpler when everything you need is always right at your fingertips, neatly arranged just for you. Once you’ve registered, your Pet360 world is literally configured, modified and continually updated based on the type, breed, gender, age and size of your pet. The information you provide makes your Pet360 as unique to you as your fingerprint (or your pet’s pawprint for that matter).

It’s a revolutionary step forward in pet care, with “you” in the middle of it all. Pet360 is our website. But it’s your world. Let’s get wagging!

We Believe...

Pets make life better

They just do. Pets appeal to our human instincts for caring, connection, nurturing and a little something called unconditional love. Pet360 wants to help you make a better life for your pets.

Pet parenting is intensely personal

While there are thousands or millions of a breed of pet, your pet is one of a kind. And we serve you with that in mind.

Pet parents are one big family

We support each other. Inspire each other. We help each other by connecting and sharing our experiences with one another to help pet parents make better decisions.

Tail wags, woofs, meows, and the sound of laughter are good for the soul

It’s fun to express yourself and have fun. We encourage you to be yourself and feel free to share and compare experiences and opinions with other members.

Pet parents need good homes, too

We want Pet360 to be your home for everything you need to make life with your pets simple and magical. As with any home, we want you to always feel comfortable and welcome.

Loving your pets is easy!

Knowing how to care for them throughout their life isn't so easy...until now.

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